Breast enlargement, check. Breast uplift, check. Breast reduction, check. Breast addition...wait, what!? When we heard about Jasmine Tridevil, formerly known as Alisha Hessler, and her third breast, we were baffled. This girl brings new meaning to the term “boob greed.” As more unfolded on the story, we were hooked. The 21-year-old stated that she had wanted the additional breast to make herself unattractive to men. What kind of men does she know? Upon further investigation, it would seem that the teen had previously been in an abusive relationship, and therefore no longer wanted to date. It’s hard to believe that Tridevil didn’t anticipate the coverage that her very public cosmetic surgery revelation would attract. We think perhaps she did, and is loving her 15 minutes of fame. Many of her social media posts boast numerous television and radio appearances, much to theTampa, Florida girl’sexcitement. An excitement short-lived however, as it has come to light that the absurd addition to Tridevils chest is a fake. The model had invested $5k on a prosthesis that every day she would apply with glue. Maybe she’d seen our April’s Fool earlier this year! It’s safe to say that MYA will not be introducing Breast addition to their list of procedures any time soon. We are however, proud to promote our very natural looking breast augmentations, open for discussion at our clinics up and down the country. Read about our breast augmentations and patient stories here.