Header: Credit: Shutterstock Swelling following a breast augmentation can last up to 6 week before it is resolved. In rare cases this can be longer. All surgical procedures cause a varied amount of swelling around the operating site which can range from light to severe. The outcome of the procedure may be difficult to establish for some time due to the swelling so it is important to be patient during your recovery. There are different stages/areas of swelling to be aware of:

Upper Breast Swelling

1 In the first 1 - 2 weeks your breast will sit high on your chest prior to the process of dropping and fluffing skin will feel tight and you may experience minimal discomfort.

Cleavage/ Chest wall Swelling

3 Patients are often concerned at this stage and period of swelling as it looks as though the skin is lifting from the chest wall in between the breasts or cleavage. Your skin is stretching to accommodate the implants and this will subside usually around week 3 - 4 post-surgery

Swollen Areola and Nipples

4 This can last up to 6 weeks post-surgery but is at its most prominent in the first 2 weeks. The areola seems cone like, enlarged and soft. Your sports bra will give you comfort and help disguise this stage.


5 The area of incision (in the breast crease) can sometimes become raised and swollen. This area has had the most amount of trauma to the surface of the skin so it is natural to have some form of swelling during the healing period. The scar/incision area should settle by week 6. If you feel the area is still raised at this point your surgeon can best advice.