Let’s be fair we are all a little boob obsessed they are wonderful things for both men and woman. So why wouldn’t a boob related gift be on your wish list? The gifts below are for people who have breasts and for the people who love them  

1. Boob basketball, an addictive office game or just a great distraction from everyday tasks you should really be doing instead

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2. Wave goodbye to stress after purchasing this dream contraption


3. Sports Bra wine rack, what’s not to love?

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4. What every woman needs (especially MYA Girls) a “stop looking at my boobs" necklace, subtle yet effective

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5. Slogan jumpers are all the rage so why not cut out the middle man and tell the world that you’re going bra less?

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6. It wouldn’t be Christmas without the token pair of slippers but we can’t exactly see your Great Aunt Susan getting you these can you?

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7. For your Breast Friend (get it)

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8. Rose gold boob ring, and for £150 you either love this person or love boobs either way we can’t wait when the time comes for you to pass down the family air-loom boob ring.

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