Could the latest craze/structured Instagram pose give you that Instagram model worthy perfect pic? We’ve seen them all the walking away from the 'boyfriend pose', the implied 'naked mirrored selfie' and the 'siting looking at an amazing view' pose. So who would have thought that this new simple pose could be so effective? Are the Instagram models of spring 2017 giving the world of Instagram a more natural candid vibe when it comes to posing? We are talking about the 'downward gaze'. This new trend is taking on all forms with girls putting their personal touch to the “non-pose” to look as though they are caught in the moment, when really it looks as though they have lost a contact lens but who are we to judge. Below we've put a list together of the best Instagram models perfecting the pose: Insta models such as @gabbyesptein and @inkawilliams
ript> We love the pose in a bikini pic. Even celebs are loving it Kardashian sisters @kylejenner and @Kourtneykardashian have rocked the stare down away from camera look.

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Neon in Costa Rica, on my app.

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Are we saying goodbye to the good old pouting gaze of 2016 or the cheesy grin of yester years? Who knows but it’s safe to say anything that distracts the camera from my awkward smile I am happy to take on board.