Girls, we have all been there; the ordeal of bra shopping in search of that comfy, sexy, empowering bra with zero luck!

Struggle 1 – finding a bra that will make your boobs look phenomenal without looking like Madonna under your casual tee.

Struggle 2- finding a bra that makes your boobs amazing when you need it most ???????? (sexy time)!! It feels near on impossible sometimes, don’t you agree?

Well I think I have the answer:

You need to understand the shape of your breasts to find out what shape bra you need for them to look their best. Let’s face it girls, our boobs are all different, in the same way our figures are. We all need a different bra to suit our boobies!

Let’s start with the shape of bras you can go with, it’s a minefield of confusion; Push up, Demi, T-shirt, Plunge, Strapless and Sports. But what does it all mean? It means, even if you like the shape of a bra, you can easily end up wearing the wrong shaped bra for your breasts.

Then there’s the boob types...Dipped & Small, Asymmetrical, Small, MYA Enhanced Boobies, Tubular, Droopy and Splayed. So, this is your cue to go and check yourself out in a mirror to put your boobs into one of these categories! (Please don’t do this in a public place! Maybe wait until you get home…)

Dipped & Small Boobs

If your boobies are naturally small with the lack of upper fullness, your best option is a Push Up bra. This will help create the illusion of a full breast, but only in a bra, sorry!

Asymmetrical Boobs

Does one of your breasts look different to the other and acting like sisters not twins? A lot of MYA patients have asymmetrical breasts; it’s a lot more common than you think. Whether different size or shape, our specialist surgeons will help advise the best procedure for you. As for bras, a Push Up bra or T-shirt bra is best to help disguise asymmetry. You can easily add a chicken fillet into your bra pre-procedure!

MYA Enhanced Boobies

Are your boobies MYAmazing? YEY!! Great news girls, you have the full run of any bra on offer...EVEN BRALESS!! WOOHOO YOU’RE AN OFFICIAL #MYAGIRL!

Tubular Boobs

Do you breasts feel pointy? Is most of your breast tissue in or around your areola (nipple area)? Do your breasts feel far apart? These are just some of the attributes of tubular breasts. A Push Up bra, Strapless or Sports bra are all perfect! This will help give the breasts a natural shape when wearing tight clothing.

Droopy Boobs

Are your breasts looking at the floor? A Push Up bra or a Plunge bra works wonders for your breasts! This will help hock them up to give a cleavage and fuller in all the right places…they’re like the catfish of boobs. We all know what happens when you take off that bra! TOP TIP: make sure you can get 2 fingers under your bra straps (can’t – too tight, more than 2 fingers – not enough support).

Splayed Boobs

Do you boobies face in opposite directions (East & West)? A Push Up bra and Sports bra are perfect for keeping them facing forwards with a little bit of helpful assistance!

YEY you now know your bras & boobs the best!!

However, the search doesn’t stop here! The style you like varies on your personal taste!
Do you like lace?
Do you like plain?
Do you like full coverage
Do you like barely there?

The possibilities are endless really…GET SHOPPING GIRLS!!! (Spend wisely…or would a breast procedure be a more worthwhile investment?)