Preparing for Christmas comes in many forms like buying that novelty jumper, thinking of excuses not to visit certain family, creating your present wishlist and preparing your body for the amount of alcohol and food you are about to consume. There are also the little things that give a hint of Christmas spirit without turning up to work with flashing antlers from the 1st December. Christmas inspired nails are fun festive fingers nails that take you from the Grinch to singing "I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day" full belter.

Who doesn't love Olaf from Frozen?

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Christmas doesn’t need to be red and green; we are in love with these pink glitter frosty nails

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Candy cane nails that look good enough to eat

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You will need a creative steady hand to create these fairy light nails.

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Super cute Rudolph nails scream Christmas

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Christmas Presents under the Christmas tree, be creative you can use any colour for your presents

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Festive season is the best excuse to go all out glitter, sparkle like the fairy at the top of a Christmas tree with these beauties

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How about a South Pole inspired penguin nails?

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Festive nude nails are perfect for the less daring of us

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