All work and no play makes MYA a dull girl. From spray-on nail polish to money guns, here are our favourite gadgets that every modern girl needs to lighten up her life.

Nails Inc's Spray Can Nail Polish

paint_can_shoreditch_lane_grey Flawless nails in a flash? No dealing with messy drips or booking in for a manicure? Yes, we’re being serious. Nails Inc have taken all the hassle out of at-home nail polish application. Shake the can, spray on to your nails then finish off with top coat. Wash off any excess colour with water and you’re ready to go. Genius!

Edible Mist Orbs

[caption id="attachment_8231" align="alignnone" width="620"]Charlie Francis of 'Lick Me I'm Delicious' has created an Edible Mist making machine. Photo by Dan Regan Charlie Francis of 'Lick Me I'm Delicious' has created an Edible Mist making machine.
Photo by Dan Regan[/caption] Bacon, chocolate, apple pie...Imagine gorging on all of your favourite foods minus the calories. Too good to be true? Created by the masterminds at Lick Me I’m Delicious, Edible Mist Orbs create a micro mist which you suck up through a straw for a hit of flavour with zero calories. The magical machines use ultrasonic vapourisation to produce over 200 flavours from chocolate biscuit to banana milkshake. Where have you been all of our lives?

Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 16.41.23 Imagine standing so close to Jamie Dornan you could almost reach out and touch him? Well, not quite but this virtual reality headset will let you get right in on the action in 3D movies. Simply slot in your smartphone and you’ve got yourself a Virtual Reality headset. Step into the world of VR with a whole range of apps, 3D films and games, all whilst you’re sitting at home on the sofa.

Altruis Smart Jewellery

CUZ49EyUYAEw-mG We've all heard of the Apple Watch, which boasts smart technology you can wear. It might be full of cool functions but frankly, its bulkiness can make it a difficult accessory to coordinate. Here's where the Altruis range comes in – the gorgeous zirconia necklaces, rings and bracelets combine style with the latest tech to connect you to your smartphone. Designed for the girl-on-the-go, Altruis jewellery lets you keep your phone safely tucked away in your bag as you go about your business. You set up the messages, calls or alerts that are important to you and a subtle vibration lets you know when you’ve received a notification that deserves your attention. Just think, that means you can get on with your day or lay back on holiday without being bothered by updates and emails you could care less about.

The Cash Cannon

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 16.42.56 Load it up, pull the trigger and make it rain. We’ve got to admit there's something irresistible about flashing your cash (or Monopoly money) in the coolest way possible. Liven up hen do’s and parties with a press of a trigger – we’re pretty sure dull nights out will be a thing of the past with this party starter. Plus, it comes in hot pink. Could it get any cooler?