There is no getting away from Love Island fever - it’s swept the nation like a heatwave this Summer. If you don’t watch it then it’s basically social suicide because it’s the only thing talked about in the group chat, at work, by your mum and social media.

As an avid fan myself, I can’t help but be fully invested in the show. I'm sharing the latest meme or following @hughes_cash on Twitter but I think I may have hit an all-time low when I started to shop the merchandise but it turns out some of it is actually really good.

1. Primark Printed Slogan T-Shirt

Always one to love a bad wagon, Primark released this year’s Love Island motto t-shirts and at only £6 each, why wouldn’t you have one?!



2. The Official Personalised Water Bottle

Are you really an official Love Island fan if you haven’t downloaded the Love Island app and paid £15 for a personalised water bottle the exact replica to the one the contestants have?


Impulse buy #sorrynotsorry #loveislandwaterbottle ????????

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3. Get the Glitter Party Look

The contestants looked all out glitter fabulous and we want to too! You can create the look with Gypsy Shrine face jewels from £8 and body glitters from £5.


4. Chris’s Flamingo Watermelon Shorts

We know the men out there are super fans too and these ASOS watermelon flamingo swimming shorts are a definite eye catcher. £16



5. Amber’s Sequin Dinosaur Top

After frantic Googling, we found The Dinosaur Appliqué Short Sleeve T-shirt was reduced from £12.99 to £3.99 and flew of the shelves at Zara following its Love Island debut but has since been worn by half the ladies of the villa.



6. The Official Personalised Phone Case

Your phone rarely leaves your sight or hand but just in case it does, it has your name on it so it is safely returned. They can be bought for £10 on the official Love Island app.


Hopefully an online purchase will help with our Love Island withdrawals come next week. The show has finally revealed the finale will be televised Monday 24th July. (set a reminder, it’s not to be missed)