You have crossed the first hurdle by meeting your Patient Coordinator, meaning you are one step closer to your dream procedure and body confidence. Now it’s time to meet the surgeon your PC thinks you will be best suited to give you your desired result. So what happens now? What should I take? What should I ask? Hopefully this top tip guide will help.

1. Bring Someone With You

Someone you are close to obviously not a stranger! This is important as the excitement of the experience with the overload of information means you’re likely to forget a lot of what you heard. Having a best friend, mother or partner there means they will pick up the information you may not. Top tips surgeon consults blog - boobs

2. Make a List of Questions

Not that you want your consultation to turn into an interview but the list will work as a check list for yourself. Wait until the end of the consultation as majority of the questions you have your surgeon will answer throughout. clueless-1-o

3. Nerves

It is normal to have nerves. Taking your clothes off in front of a complete stranger is not something anyone enjoys, (unless you’re a streaker) but your surgeon is a medical professional and they will do their upmost to make you feel comfortable. top tips surgeon consult blog - nervous

4. Have Realistic Expectations

This may sound strange but it is important to listen to the advice of the surgeon as they want the best result for you. Your surgeon may recommend additional procedures to achieve the look you want. For example, you may require an uplift along with your breast enlargement or you require a tummy tuck along with your liposuction. It is obviously disheartening but rest assured our surgeons know the best way to achieve your desired look. All MYA surgeon have exceptional reputations and want all patients to be happy with their final result so will only carry out a procedure knowing this.

5. Clothing for Breast Patients

As the surgeon will need to examine and measure your breasts, remember to where a top and trousers. Something that is easy to take on and off. We would recommend not to wear a dress as you will feel more uncomfortable standing in your knickers. If you have any other top tips you can comment below or why not join the MYA space community our online forum full of research, reassurance and results.