Christmas and New Years is now over and many of us are struggling with the fact that we ate and drank a little too much over the festive period. The winter blues has no doubt set in! January is therefore the time of year where people want to start the New Year off right, gym memberships skyrocket and interest in cosmetic surgery peaks. Wanting to feel like an improved version of yourself with cosmetic surgery doesn’t necessarily mean you have to get liposuction to treat those unwanted lumps and bumps, it can also mean finally plucking up the courage to seek a breast enlargement or nose job. Winter can be the ideal time to undergo such procedures as it is easier to discretely hide your swelling or garments with baggy jumpers and scarves. They do say bikini bodies are made in the winter. So below we have put together MYA Cosmetic Surgery’s Top Tips for Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery in 2015! For you! Cosmetic surgery is not something to be taken lightly; you should only go ahead with a procedure for the right reasons. Cosmetic surgery should be done for your own confidence and nobody else. Health and happiness All patients undergo a thorough health check prior to surgery to ensure they are fit and healthy. Surgery will not proceed if this is not the case as your safety and wellbeing come first. However, we do encourage patients to have lifestyle changes prior to surgery to prepare their body for healing. These changes include a healthy diet, giving up smoking and abstaining from alcohol, as these will increase the speed of patients’ recovery as well as looking and feeling great. Don’t ask to look like someone else We all love to use celebrity body parts like Kim Kardashian’s nose or Michelle Keegan’s stomach as inspiration, but that is their body and everyone has individual physical characteristics making them who they are. Surgeons will look to refine or enhance body parts to improve your look without changing who you are. Do your research You want to pick the right MYA surgeon who can help you achieve the look you desire. The MYA Forum is a perfect place to start with thousands of MYA patients willing to give advice and share experiences. All consultations are free so you could even see two surgeons and then decide who you feel most comfortable with. Do it right! Follow all the pre and post-operative advice instructions given to you by the clinic nurse and surgeon. Your pre and post-op behaviour can have significant lasting effects on your final result. You don’t want to spoil the surgeon’s fantastic work and waste your own money. Have realistic expectations Approach any cosmetic surgery procedure with realistic and attainable expectations. Your surgeon will explain what you can achieve so please listen to their expectations. Be patient Not all cosmetic surgery results are instant; swelling, bruising and healing all need to be taken into consideration with any procedure. For example, rhinoplasty patients may have swelling for up to 12 months following surgery.