As the show is set to make a return for the astonishing series 16, there are very few of the original cast members set to make a return. Chloe Sims entered the show as the cousin of Joey Essex and became a lead in many of the scripted reality TV shows' story lines, which included her love for cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments. The 32 year old mother-of-one has admitted she regrets being so open about cosmetic surgery. This included lip fillers, Botox and several breast enlargements. She has faced criticism via social media trolls and in some gossip columns.
 I probably would have changed my hair and fashion sense when I first joined the show, and perhaps wouldn’t have been so open about my surgery as that got a bit of backlash.
However she did continue to say that: “I do think everything happens for a reason, and whatever has happened to me is the reason I got here. Everything I did I thought was the right decision at the time.” Chloe has become a fashion icon, business woman and now beauty Vlogger with thousands of fans who want to know everything about her. We believe had she not been so open about her cosmetic surgery treatments she may not of earned the respect from her fans for her honesty.