What are Tubular Breasts?

Tubular or Tuberous breasts are common in many women. This condition is caused by a lack of breast tissue development during puberty. The condition can present itself in one or both breasts and the physical appearance can vary and range from mild to severe but there are common attributes linked to tubular breasts, as shown below.


Features of Tubular Breasts

• Enlarged or puffy areolas (area surrounding the nipple)
• Unusually wide spacing between the breasts
• Minimal breast tissue
• Sagging
• Higher than normal breast fold
• Narrow base at the chest wall
• Asymmetry


Tubular Breast & Cosmetic Surgery 

We want patients to know what you may think as “abnormal” is actually “normal” and making your breasts aesthetically pleasing for you is something MYA surgeons are able to assist with and have come across many similar cases.

If you feel you have tubular breasts and you want to speak to MYA please call 03330141014 or complete our online enquire form for a free call back.


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