It is not uncommon for you to be unsure if you require and uplift or not, all you know is that you want full pert boobs that you no longer have or in fact have never had before. Hopefully our mini screening check list will help you decide if an uplift (Mastopexty) is what you need.

Although this decision needs to be made by a specialist cosmetic surgeon, this will help you prepare and research the correct procedure prior to your consultation so there are no surprises on the day of your surgeon physical examination.

How would you describe your breasts?

If you are using descriptions such as, lack of fullness, empty pockets, udders, saggy or dropping these can be a big clue to the fact that uplift may be required.

What position are your nipples?

The position of your nipples can suggest breast sag if they are pointing down or are in a lower position than they used to be following breast feeding, weight loss or pregnancy.


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Pencil test

As strange as it may sound and not an exact science but if you can place a pencil in the breast crease (under your breast where the wire of your bra would lie) and your breast holds it in place it is likely a breast uplift is required.


Not to discriminate but older patients do tend to have looser skin and gravity takes its toll over time so will also need to be taken into account. It is also likely that you may now have a family (see Pregnancy and Breast feeding)




Is your weight stable, have you lost weight in the past, does your weight fluctuate, do you intend to lose weight prior to your procedure? Changes in weight can affect the skin quality making it weak and prone to sagging. Dramatic weight loss is a key factor to breast sag resulting in a possible breast uplift being advised.



Pregnancy affects the size of the breasts and can result in the weakening of the skin (stretch marks) and the breasts to sag.


Breast Feeding

As above this can affect the size of the breasts and lead to sagging. (You must be 6 months post breast feeding or lactation prior to your surgeon consultation) Not every case of breast feeding results in an uplift being required but lack of fullness and empty breast pockets is a common description for ladies requiring a breast enlargement.


Before and after photos

Looking at before and after photos is a great indication as to what procedure you may require, if your pre op breasts are similar to that of a patient who has underwent a breast uplift it is likely you will be advised the same procedure.

Discuss with your PC

If you are unsure feel free to show your PC at your initial consultation. Although this is not a clear indication as your cosmetic surgeon will need to assess the skin integrity and take measurements your PC may be able to reassure you as to what they believe the outcome may be but your surgeon will give you the final opinion and best procedure to achieve the results you require.