I was just wondering how much fat Vaser actually removes? Great question! This depends on how much fat you have. We have to take into consideration that we will have to leave some fat behind to support the skin. I've taken anything from a litre of fat to ten litres of fat at any one time. The ten litres were obviously taken from a larger person. The best way of determining how much fat you can remove is to have a personal consultation so your surgeon can give you a more accurate idea of how much can be taken from you. How is Vaser lipo different from 'normal' lipo? The difference between Vaser and conventional liposuction is best explained by first explaining how Vaser works. Vaser works using very high frequency ultrasound that is directed at the fat cells. This energy then gently breaks the fat cells apart. Note that it doesn't destroy the individual fat cells and it also doesn't damage blood vessels and other tissues that we want to preserve. This leaves us with small packages of fat cells that are floating in the local anaesthetic solution. We then use much smaller or thinner cannula to remove the fluid and fat cells. The fact that it is a fluid, also allows us to use a much lower suction level. All of these factors combined, allows us to do this procedure with less trauma to the patient. So the difference to the patient is that there is a lot less bruising, swelling and there is also a much lower risk of other complications. It also allows us to consistently get better, smoother results. If I want my tummy done, how long would it be before I see some results? You will see the results immediately! Day two, when you come in to see the nurse, you will take the garment off and you will be able to see the result then already. Remember, that there will be some swelling and therefore the end result of the procedure is best gauged at three to six months. I know that the prices are decided on how long the procedure takes, do you know how long it would take for liposuction on the stomach of a size 10 woman? This will vary from person to person depending on the result that you would like to achieve. If we are only talking about the front upper lower abs and not turning the patient over, you are looking at between an hour half to two and a half hours. Again, depending on the result you would like. I’m a man and I’m quite in shape, maybe around 15% body fat, would MYA's Vaser help me get my abs? 15 % body fat is fantastic! Congratulations, you obviously work out. If you have an active lifestyle and your skin is in good condition- there is no reason why your abdominal area cannot be sculpted to show your abdominal muscles. What is the scarring like? The scars are placed in specific areas, to hide them as much as possible. Having had the procedure myself, I can honestly tell you I can't find the scars anymore. I have been in for a consultation for Laser Lipo but they said I might be a little too big, is Vaser a better bet for me? My BMI is 24. Laser lipolysis is great for smaller areas of fat but for the larger areas it takes too long and may become uncomfortable. The Vaser procedure is offered under a general anaesthetic and is also much safer for larger volumes of fat because the other tissues that we want to preserve are not damaged. I would recommend coming to have a consultation with a Vaser surgeon who can explain to you how Vaser can benefit you more than a laser procedure based on your specific needs. I've read a bit about you on the MYA forum, what happens in the consultation with you? Can I bring in photos of what I want to look like? Absolutely! I personally encourage potential patients to bring photographs for a number of reasons. Largely, so I can have a better understanding of what you would like and it also allows me to see whether your expectations can be met. Understand that not everyone has the same bone and muscle structure and this would influence what could be achieved with you specifically. The quality of the skin in the area that is to undergo the procedure, is also very important and this tells us how much can be safely removed from the area without causing any other complications. I want bits of fat removed from many places rather than a lot from one, is Vaser right for me? The simple answer is yes! Removing fat from many areas at the same time allows us to make sure they fit well with all of the other areas. There is no problem in removing fat from multiple areas. This can all be discussed at your personal consultation. Remember to bring photographs that may help the surgeon to understand what look you are after. Click here to read more FAQ's about Vaser liposuction.