Header: Credit: Shutterstock Every girl carries a handbag. It is the security blanket of most women yet we're baffled at how men can fit everything they need in their back pocket. There is a reason we need a 5L capacity receptacle at all times; half the things we carry are miscellaneous items we never use and forgot were even in there. We dare anyone to tell us at least 2 items from the below list aren't hiding away in their bag. See how many you can find:

1. Receipts

We all have the good intentions of keeping receipts to keep an eye on our spending but really it acts more like cushioning for the other items in our bag.

2. Bobby Pins

It’s like we leave trail of bobby pins behind us in every ventured house/ room we have ever stepped foot into. They drive boyfriends and parents crazy and can break a vacuum instantly. There is no reason why they shouldn’t be found in the bottom of our hand bags too but strangely if you ever need one, you can never find one.

3. iPhone charger

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It's a well known fact that female humans require 3 substances to stay alive: food, water and phone battery. You'll have chargers dotted about in every place you visit and you're most likely attached to a plug when you're there. For all other occasions, your trusty back-up charger lives at the bottom of your bag. It's definitely seen better days as it's covered in makeup and sellotape to keep the ends from falling apart.

4. Lip moisturisers of some sort


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You have one in at least every handbag and yet you still buy a new one every time you are at the counter in Boots/Superdrug.

5. Loose change including foreign coins

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The most confusing part of this is that we are pretty sure we have never been to that country yet the coins have made their way into your bag. The worst thing is when you mistake a euro for a £1 coin and can't buy that coke you wanted (angry emoji).

6. Broken makeup


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7. Key chains that have broken off

There is a hoarder in all of us but for some reason you can’t part with that 2009 key chain from a weekend in Magaluf.

8. Old tampon (unused)

This is a fact: there will be a day when that tampon is a life saver.

9. Appointment cards

From as far back as 2012, we have no idea why we keep them. Maybe we want to reminisce about that gel nail appointment that was ok?

10. Breakfast/Protein bar

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That you’re never going to eat but you’re leaving it in there just in case

11. A part of your bag that has broken

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Like the strap, Buckle or zip but you can bring yourself to part with it or even fix. This broken item now takes up home in the bottom of your bag for evermore.

12. Rouge paracetamol

Usually a paracetamol or could be a hayfever tablet in the summer but your guess is as good as ours. We advise not to take it just in case

13. Chewing gum

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That has fallen out of the packet. That hilarious question when someone asks if you have a chewing gum and you pull out a squashed hairy god-knows-how-old piece of what you hope is chewing gum, “I’ve got this”.

14. Glitter/sand/sequins/hair

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Don’t ask us why or how it’s just a fact of handbag life. When was the last time I was even at the beach?