Spots are certainly not fun and can sometimes leave you baffled thinking where did they come from? Am I not drinking enough water? Am I paying for that heavy weekend and late night pizza with this outbreak? We all get them but what are your spots and pimples actually trying to tell you? Have a look at our top 5 list below of reasons you might be getting spots:

1. Aunt Flow

MjAxMy0zNGQ3NWZkM2Y1ODJlZGYy Here comes the dreaded Period (or you are mid flow). Sorry girls there is nothing you can really do so we all have to grin and bear it. Our hormones hate us and we happen to hate them too. Drink plenty of water and don’t grab for the chocolate as it’s likely to make them worse.


kylie-jenner-fingermouthing You’re touching your face too much, STOP IT!! It’s also an area that often gets missed when removing makeup. Also remember to be careful when applying hair products too close to your scalp.

3. Bad food habits

1311352069963_1141137 You have been eating too many greasy or acidic foods. Swap that pizza for whole grain pasta and your skin will thank you.

4. Bacteria! Bacteria everywhere!

Bacteria-Bacteria-Everywhere Stop touching your face with a grubby makeup covered phone or your dirty hands. Do you know there is a lot of bacteria out there? Yes lots! Anti-bacterial hand gel is your friend, use it!

5. Hormonally Stressed or Puberty

spotss You are either going through puberty or you’re super stressed out. Try and relax, stay calm, or in the case of puberty, wait it out we have all been there we promise. At the end of the day they are just spots/pimples, pink and cute (some not so cute). Don’t freak out too much because freaking out can just make them worse. You are beautiful no matter what. And there's always make up.. landscape-1444312720-meme