The classic half-cup

You’re down to earth and you stay out of drama. Some say you sit on the fence with a natural cleavage; you’re neither here nor there.

The push up

You like to be in control, likely to be out-going, flirty and not to be ignored.


You like to play it safe but pretend to be on the edge. It’s likely you are smaller than a C cup or you have been cosmetically enhanced so they sit perfectly. You are the sort of person to book a sky dive but then not actually go through with it.


You’re intelligent and know how to fool the casual viewer. You know not to let things hold you back making you a driven individual. MYA recommend surgical enhancement.

XXL padding

You’re sneaky and tend to over-promise and under-deliver. MYA 100% recommend surgical enhancement.

Corset bra

This takes time and effort meaning you have heaps of energy and a hint of a wild side.

Underwire Bra

You need support from friends/family and you require constant reassurance in and out of the bra.

Sports Bra

You’re active and healthy (or post op breast enlargement), busy yet determined you set goals in life and don’t take the options of others seriously.

Lace Bra

You’re a little risqué but have time for everyone in your life. You’re busy at work and in the bedroom.

Multiway bra

You keep your options open, some may say indecisive. You’re wiling to compromise and keep everyone happy even if you’re not.

No Bra

You live life on the edge; you’re adventurous and usually have great boobs! You’re confident and happy in your own skin.

Granny Bra

bras-16 It’s the day before laundry day and you’re somewhat unorganised. You would be concerned if you had to leave the house under any circumstance unless it was a medical emergency. If you find yourself at work or on a night out you might have to question your sanity.

Nude Bra

You are practical and prepared for anything life throws at you.

Matching with Undies

You have your life under control. You really have it together and you should be proud as you are a rare breed. Or you're having a really lucky day.

Clear strap

You are deluded. The 90’s have gone and they were never a good idea and you should probably stop living in the past. You are not fooling anyone.

Stick on bra

You are frivolous with money and have cash to burn. You love a good fad but remember stick on bras do nothing for your figure or your mind-set.