Ever wondered what actually happens in the Operating Theatre? Thought going through surgery yourself would be the only way to find out?... Wrong! MYA are exclusively bringing you their very first LIVE Breast Enlargement procedure!!

Set your reminder now for: Thursday 23rd November.

We will be streaming LIVE on Instagram & YouTube with special behind the scenes footage on MYA’s snapchat!

Rewind to April 15th when our first live patient Amy broadcast her rhinoplasty surgery to thousands of MYA viewers. We showed you absolutely everything, from Amy’s first step into the hospital right through to Amy’s first words with her new nose. Just look at those results…


Other side! Pre & 5 weeks Post Op! ???? #MYA #Rhinoplasty @myacosmeticsurgery

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Due to popular demand, with over 90% of MYA followers voting YES to another LIVE procedure, we bring you… Live Patient number 2: Katy!!

So, what is a live procedure?

Answer: a real life surgical operation performed by one of MYA’s fantastic surgeons being streamed live across all of our social media channels. We will show you the entire process. Katy arriving at our wonderful Fitzroy Hospital in London, her pre-procedure checks, being put under anaesthetic, right through surgery and her first few hours of recovery. Nothing will be left un-broadcasted. It will feel like you are with Katy every step of the way.

You may be asking: why?

Well, here at MYA we are so proud of what we do, our brilliant surgeons and the amazing results they achieve. We have absolutely nothing to hide and we are proud to show our exceptional process. As a company, we share all our clinical data on our website to ensure our patients can thoroughly research their procedure and chosen surgeon. We are also the only cosmetic surgery company to have an online Forum! This, along with our amazing reviews, evidences that we have full confidence in the quality of our surgeons and procedure outcomes. We currently have 70,000 Forum members who actively seek advice, leave reviews and share their experiences with other Forum members. Now we want to go one step further… We want you to see first-hand exactly what happens during surgery. So, if it’s something you’ve been considering, you can see for yourself what is involved and what may be to come…

As our most popular procedure, we think it’s time to give you all an insight as to why MYA is the best company to go with for your breast enlargement procedure! Soon we’ll introduce you to Katy who has bravely agreed to be filmed LIVE to see exactly what happens on the day of a breast enlargement procedure.
Make sure you follow @katymyabreast on Instagram and ‘katyMYA’ on Youtube to keep up to date on her journey and preparations for her LIVE procedure on Thursday 23rd November!! Also keep an eye out on @myacosmeticsurgery for Insta updates and reminders for the big day!

Watch this space…

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Note: No surgical procedure is entirely without risk. Any decision to have cosmetic surgery should not be taken lightly. Allow plenty of time to reflect before going ahead with a procedure. 18+ only.