Your surgeon and patient coordinator will be able to advise you best about the length of stay you will require after your procedure. They will take into account the type of procedure you will have, you medical history, personal preference and your geographical location to the hospital. Breast enlargements can be carried out as a day case procedure or as an overnight stay.

What is a Daycase?

You will generally be requested to arrive at the hospital with an early admission time and leave the same day following your procedure. This is perfect for patients that may be nervous or prefer not to stay in a hospital overnight. You will only be able to leave if you are fit and well enough to do so. All daycase patients are required to stay within half an hour of the hospital location that evening if they live further than an hour’s drive away. If you are interested in staying in a hotel after your procedure in the Fitzroy, have a read of this post on the best Hotels near the MYA Fitzroy. You PC will supply you with a list of recommended hotels nearby. You will need to be collected by a friend or family member from the hospital and for them to stay with you that evening.

What is and Overnight stay?

Screen Shot 2015-09-25 at 14.52.46 Preferred by many patients as you have the comfort and security of staying overnight under the watchful eye of the clinical staff. You don’t feel rushed to travel home or stay in an unfamiliar hotel room. Admission times are usually slightly later than day case procedure so for patients traveling this is ideal. Hospitals beds have inclined head rests so you can sleep up right with comfort on your first night. You will be discharged the following morning after a light breakfast or snack of your choice when you chaperone comes to collect you. Many surgeons encourage an overnight stay especially if going under the muscle. You feel safe in the knowledge you have a clinical team to answer any questions you may have during the night.09