We all have at least one best friend and some of us may even have multiple. Over the years you'll have several best friends from school, university or even work. Best friends may come and go or they could stick around until your old retirement days but how do you classify them? MYA have put together a handy guide to finding out what category your BFF fits into:

Your Childhood Best Friend

You will forever introduce her as your 'childhood best friend' who you have known your whole life. Now this can be because of one of two reasons:
  1. They have gossip on you dating back to 'Spice Girls' days that you would rather no one knew about. She owns you!
  2. You will have that eternal connection and the best #TB images ever!

The Best Friend Who is Your Opposite

large Well they do say opposites attract! You're tall, she’s short. You're blonde, she’s brunette. You take hours with your hair and makeup while she thinks washing her hair is making an effort. You would rather die than sing along to 1D on a road trip yet she has their entire back catalog on her iTunes. You are complete opposites and for some reason that works together perfectly.

The Drinking Buddy Best Friend

Untitled-2 …yet to see them sober?!

The Work Best Friend

Untitled-3 You are at a loss without them; you eat lunch together, send inappropriate emails to get through the day but god forbid you saw them outside of work! It would be like seeing your primary school teacher in normal clothes outside of school.

The Gay Best Friend

5. Mean girld gif Ideal as you won’t fight over your future husband or wife! Perfect for dinner dates, wedding invites and social occasions where you need a date to get you through.

The Bad Influence Best Friend

6. Friends bad influence gif “Remember the time we……..” yeah that one!

The Imaginary Best Friend

We all have them whether you admit to it or not; we stalk them on Instagram, we know their dress size, shoe size, mother’s name, brother’s birthday, even when they broke up with their Channing Tatum lookalike boyfriend. There is only one issue, you haven’t actually met them yet but for some reason you believe that if you do you will become instant BFF’s. Celebrities may fall under this category.

The Enabler Best Friend

8. is butter a carb - Gif You are trying to give up carbs, you want a boob job or you’re trying to get over an ex. She will take you to McDonalds, buy you a padded bra and arrange a romantic date with the ex you are trying to get over, but she will insist she is just trying to help.

The Long Distance Best Friend

9. face time Your relationship mainly involves late-night-no-makeup-FaceTimes and unsociable texting but you can tell them anything as they are not around enough to judge you.

Best Friends by Blood

10. Sisters This is so true! Sisters, cousins or even mums were born to be best friends. Your family force you to be best friends whether you like it or not but secretly you love the fact that you are!

Boobie Buddy Best Friends

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 12.14.48 You are both MYA Space Forum addicts and have found best friendship online. You share the same stats, desire for bigger breasts and you've decided to buddy up for this crazy cosmetic surgery journey together. But once you hit your 6 weeks you will never see or speak to this person again (except for a stray MYA Selfie Tuesday that crops up on your Instagram feed).