The reality TV star has stayed out of the limelight for the past few weeks since giving birth to her and Kanye West’s baby. Baby Saint became the newest edition to the famous family back in December. This is why it has come a bit of a shock for Kim Kardashian-West to feature on her sister Kourtney’s Instagram feed in a low key post-work out selfie. The sisters wore matching black turtle neck tops and black leggings as Kim showed off her admittedly amazing post baby body.

Studio hoes. #SWISH

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Surprisingly Kim’s figure was not what sparked controversy by the millions of fans that follow the sisters on Instagram but it was her face. “What’s happened to her face”? One fan wrote. Could this be the reason she had taken a hiatus from posting recent images on social media? Maybe she was using motherhood as an excuse as the timing could be all too perfect for Kim to invest in fillers and Botox. For now Kim is keeping quite when it comes to addressing the rumours unlike last summer when she was pregnant, she wrote on Instagram: “No I don't do fillers or Botox when pregnant like some tabloids are reporting, you would have to be really sick to endanger your child like that! Anyone who has been pregnant or gained weight knows your face totally changes! My nose gets bigger, cheeks fuller & my lips swell up.” She was responding to InTouch magazine who claimed she had Botox and fillers every three months. Could that be a hint that now she has given birth she has taken to the non-surgical syringe? This sounds all too familiar, remember when younger sister Kylie Jenner denied her lip fillers? We all know how that ended..