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Everyone is packing their unicorn pool floats and posting countdowns until they jet off to somewhere full of sun, sea and cocktails. Instagram looks like a travel and lifestyle magazine and going on Snapchat couldn't be more depressing if you're one of the unlucky ones in work on a Monday morning.

It's always great to have a break away and escape reality for a while, but if you're considering surgery, or have recently had your op, you may be worried about timing.. when can you fly safely? When can you swim and tan?

So whilst you pack your new bikinis and factor 30 sunscreen, I'll run through the other factors you need to consider before or imminently after surgery!


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Work (Ciao, Adios, I'm done!)


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Before we can bare all on the beach, let's bear in mind that without work we probably couldn't afford the surgery that we've decided we want, so it's important to think about what type of profession you are in and how physical your job is when you are booking off time for your op and the recovery. If you are working in an office environment then you will more than likely be returning to work much sooner than someone whose job is physically strenuous.

If you're worried about getting back to the gym or your job, like mine, includes heavy lifting, then try not to worry. Talk to your surgeon, think about a realistic recovery plan, don't do too much too soon.

Forget 'no pain, no gain', this is a time to take care of yourself, stick to your workout plan, slowly increasing how much you're doing and book a good amount of time off work to allow for this.

You may want to pause your gym membership, cancel any booked classes and inform your running buddies that you're going to be absent for a while.

Of course, if you aren't doing such a physically demanding job, lucky you! You won't need as much time off and can return to work even sooner, and be back in your normal routine in no time.

Kids - (If You've Got Them, Hey There, Baby, Baby..)

If you have or are planning to have a family, then you are also going to have to plan your surgery around them! If you already have small children, remember that for the first few days after surgery you are going to struggle to lift your arms never mind your squishy little bundles of joy.

Do you have someone to help to care for your children whilst you're in the hospital or whilst you are recovering? Do they have any holidays or school trips or functions that you need to plan around? Mummy can't be joining in with sports day whilst wearing her support bandage as much as she'd just LOVE to be sweating and falling over her own feet in front of all the other parents...

Or maybe children are still just a twinkle in your eye and whilst you don't have them yet you are planning to but you're worried about doing it before or after. How will your boobs change after having a baby? Will you want to breastfeed? Would you be able to do so after a BA?

Depending on the type of surgery you had, you shouldn't have a problem breastfeeding, but discuss this with your surgeon beforehand and if you're pregnant and have had a BA, let your midwife know so she can keep an eye on your milk supply. If you're planning to have a baby soon, maybe it's better to wait until after when you breasts will invariably change again, but it's all down to what works best for the timing of your life.

Stay Organised - (If You're a Care Bear)


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If it's not just kids that you are a caregiver for, then I salute you! Don't forget to arrange your op around the best time for both yourself and the people who most rely on you. By being organised you can take some deserved time to do this for yourself without feeling guilty or stressed and still provide great care for the people you love.

Weddings (If You're The Marrying Kind)


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Is that the peel of wedding bells we hear? If you've found The One, congratulations! It's a good idea to think of when you are planning to tie the knot, and wether or not you want to do it with a fuller bust. If you've already picked the dress, will it need altering? Or would you rather wait until after surgery to find a dress to compliment your new shape?

Many women want to enjoy the best day of their lives feeling their most beautiful and it can be a real confidence knock if you're worrying about how you're boobs will look on the day. If you want to be most comfortable, you may decide to have your op beforehand, but remember you may want to wait to plan your big day for after 6 months or more, when your boobs have fully dropped and "fluffed" or settled, to have them looking their best.

Money makes the world go 'round...Are you financially going to be able to budget for both and are you planning to get married abroad?

A white wedding on white sands under the shade of a palm tree and the sound of the sea sounds like romantic paradise but take the following into account..

Flying (You and Your Jet Setter Life)

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So the date of your op is booked and your hospital bag is packed. You can't wait to get your new shape to the beach!

With passports at the ready where are you planning to spend your first holiday with the new twins?

Hold your horses, sunshine! Check with your surgeon how soon after your op you can fly. And don't forget if you do opt to fly soon after surgery, you may want to make sure you have some contact details for local health care centres, in the rare case of any complications.

Some women fly the day after surgery and are absolutely fine, although this may affect your health cover/insurance or the terms with your cosmetic surgery company, so again, mention this to your surgeon.

And as with the wedding dress fitting, your boobs are going to change A LOT over the fist six months, so it might be better to not spend a ton of cash on new bikinis until your boobs have fully settled to their more permanent size and shape. Just buy a few to start with, and enjoy the new shopping experience!

Holidays (Sun, Sand & Scars)



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Exposing your incisions to the sun straight away won't help them to heal or fade properly so bare this is mind and keep them covered.

You should make sure all open wounds are fully healed before enjoying the beach. Although salt water can be great for our skin normally, the sand may irritate or cause infection and the abrasive salt in the water could set back recovery time.

Plan Ahead (Don't Be A Boob)

It sounds like a lot of things to think about, but being organised, relying on close friends and family to support you, giving enough notice at work and generally being a good planner will set you on the right track to the boobs you can enjoy. Nothing good ever comes easily, but MYA really do make it as easy as it can be. With support from your patient coordinator and your fantastic surgeon, you're in the best hands.


And FYI, whilst having a BA was a journey in itself, sunbathing on the beach topless yesterday for the first time was a destination with a happier sense of freedom and confidence than I could have ever imagined. It's just one of the hundreds of little post BA changes that put a smile on my face.

Love Candice