We are supplied with endless information and facts regarding our procedure and what we can and can’t do following it but in all the excitement we forget most of it? With the help of the MYA Forum we have come up with some of the most commonly asked questions aimed at some of the most popular MYA procedures Breast enlargement, Vaser liposuction and Rhinoplasty. Breast enlargement… when can I? Drive? 1-2 week post op following your 1st post op check Go to the gym? 6 weeks post op but ease back gently with a good sports bra Have sex? 6 weeks for any physical activity Fly abroad? 2 weeks short haul 4weeks long haul Stop wearing a sports bra? 6weeks post op Although asking about sex is one we are all a little shy about discussing this makes it a favourite on the forum! Your new assets can give you a new sex drive and most partners are looking forward to seeing them too. But don’t rush, although your incisions are healed and you feel fine you have scar tissue healing inside that jiggly movements can disturb prior to 6weeks. Vaser Liposuction... When can I? Stop wearing my garment? 4-6 weeks post op Go to the gym? 4-6 weeks post op Shower? 48 hours following post op check Stop wearing my 4D vest? 2 weeks post op The Garments and 4D vest in very important for your final result and to help reduce swelling although it can be uncomfortable and unsightly at times it will all be worth it in the end. Rhinoplasty... When can I? Remove my splint? 7-14 days post op (surgeon dependant) Go in direct sunlight? 6-9 months post op high SPF required Wear Glasses? 2 weeks following splint removal Take part in Contact sports or heavy lifting? 6 months- 1year post op with caution Wear makeup? Avoid until fully healed seek nurse advise at post of check Some people need to wear glasses every day all day, we would advise seeing if contact lenses would be an option during your healing period or if you must wear them limit this to short periods of time. This is because part of the glasses that rests on your nose can leave long lasting indentations while the tissue is soft, swollen or healing. The above lists are not exhausted so if you have any further questions regarding what you can and can’t do to ensure the best healing and result don’t hesitate to call your clinic nurse or join the MYA forum today.