It is important to know your limitations prior to booking surgery to avoid cancellations or rescheduling surgery dates. Many patients book their cosmetic surgery procedures to coincide with their summer holiday arrangements so when can you travel post-surgery? Travel restrictions and limitations vary by procedure and should be discussed in detail with the clinical team. Our MYA Policy states the following guidelines:

Short Haul Flights (less than 4 hours) – 4 weeks post op


Long Haul Flights (more than 4 hours) – 6 weeks post op

In the first 6 weeks patients are at an increased risk of complications occurring from surgery. Therefore, it is advised to be in this country (the UK) so MYA can provide the necessary support and attention if required. During flying the public are more at risk of Pulmonary Embolism (PE) and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). The risk of developing blood clots during travel is relatively low (1 in 6,000) however, after surgery the body’s clotting mechanism goes into overdrive as it is a protective mechanism. Therefore patients are at an increased chance of developing DVT/PE, post-surgery, in the first few weeks of an operation. Factors to prevent this once it is safe to travel include, graduated compression stockings and drinking plenty of water. Holiday limitations are not exclusive to just flying. Many people tend to go on holiday to sunbathe, go in a pool/beach and vigorous activities. All of these are prohibited until you are at least 6 weeks post-op and signed off by your clinic nurse or surgeon. From your initial consultation it is important to discuss with your PC if you are planning a holiday to ensure your procedure date is arrange with plenty of time to heal and recuperate prior to traveling.