Lauren Goodger showed off her amazing new body in a stunning red dress that highlighted her toned contours perfectly. The reality star’s fantastic 4 stone weight loss has certainly done us girls proud. What an inspiration!
With the launch of her new fitness DVD, LAUREN’S OMG WORKOUT, what better way to promote it than share her figure refining secrets? The sassy 29 year old has dropped to a size 10 and she’s positively glowing, with her tanned bod and glossy hair, all leaving her looking healthier than ever. Lauren’s muscular, toned physique shows there’s more to it than being super-slim, as she celebrates being stronger too. Lauren says, “I’ll show you how to burn fat and build a fit body at the same time. It’s not just about being skinny it’s about being powerful.”
She goes on to say, “I’ve worked really hard and everything you need to know is on my fitness DVD, get involved today!”
Lauren show’s off her amazing abs, super slim thighs and svelte arms on the front cover of her DVD. What a dramatic difference. It’s not just down to a great exercise plan, healthy eating and a better lifestyle also play their part. On Instagram Lauren confided: 'I train hard and enjoy eating good clean food to give my body what it needs.” She also tells us, “I woke up today and I love my body.” And so do we! Well done Lauren.