Well it’s safe to say Kim has been off the radar after her traumatic experience in Paris last year. I'm sure you know that this was where she was held at gun point in her hotel suite by thieves after her jewelry and other riches.



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Kim's Got Less Breast Going On

She returned to social media this January with an array of happy family pictures. There's no doubt that the queen of social media is back but there's a distinct lack of her token selfies. We've now got artistic shots of her family and daily activities to keep us entertained along with a trip to Dubai (obviously). All this being said, we seem to have noticed something different about the mother of two. Yes she still looks picture perfect but there seems to be a lot less breast going on. Opting for more demure looks than we are used to, we just can’t help but notice two of her largest assets are not so pronounced. So what's going on? There seem to be 2 possibilities to explain Kim's incredibly shrinking chest:

Weight Loss

Kim certainly looks like she's in great shape and has most likely lost weight recently. When women lose weight you can be sure that we lose it from areas we don't want to lose it from, i.e. BOOBS. Kim's figure hasn't really changed enough to warrant such a decrease in breast size so even if she's toned up, her boobs probably wouldn't have reduced this much. So if it's not weight loss...

Good 'ol Fashioned Cosmetic Surgery

Yea you guessed it. We are speculating that Kim has spent her time away from the public recovering from a breast reduction. She was out of the prying eyes of the paps, glam events and social media for 14 weeks so it goes without saying she's had enough time to recover. This together with the fact that her breasts have significantly decreased it size...it's a no brainer. Only time will tell if the rumors are true, in the meantime we need to stop Googling pictures of Kim Kardashian and get back to the gym. That winter padding we have accumulated won’t disappear on its own.