The CQC stands for Care Quality Commission, they are an independent regulator of health and social care services across England and Wales.

The CQC sets national standards of quality and safety people can expect whenever they receive care. You can be safe in the knowledge that all MYA Cosmetic Surgery clinics and hospitals meet the national standard, therefore are all CQC registered. They also continue to monitor and regulate the services provided to ensure standards are met at all times.


You are able to search your chosen clinic or hospital to ensure they are registered through the CQC website

If the clinic or hospital is not registered, their insurance may not cover if anything goes wrong. The same applies for clinics and hospitals abroad as they are not governed by the CQC the standards and they may not be the same as the UK. This meaning the quality or care could be compromised.

You are able to view the full CQC inspection and report through the website. You are looking for the green tick which means that all standards are being met within that category.

Should you have further question please contact your patient coordinator or clinic nurse.