All MYA surgeons have their own technique when it comes to breast augmentations, meaning they will all have a different preference when it comes to using strapping or breast bands. Strapping is the tight sticky tape which is wrapped around the breasts and chest to restrict swelling and help the breasts settle into place quicker than they would at a natural rate. Nipples will usually be exposed and can appear puffy and swollen during this time. Strapping is generally removed at 7- 10 days post op. Some patients find the strapping to be restricting and can cause irritation so in some cases may be removed early by a member of the clinical team. A breast band is commonly a Velcro strap that sits above the breast implant bulge below the collar bone. They are commonly given to patients whose implants are placed under the muscle or with limited breast tissue as they will initially sit high on the chest wall. The breast band will encourage the implants to drop and settle into a natural position. It is not unusual for a surgeon to decide on neither strapping nor a breast band as they feel a sports bra is enough to support and protect the patients' new assets.