Do I have to remove my nipple piercing prior to my breast procedure?

Yes, all metal jewellery must be removed for surgery. The equipment used during surgery (which helps prevent bleeding) may cause an electric shock to the piercings, which can cause the skin to burn. The piercing can be replaced following surgery as long as it is sterile and does not cause irritation. Irritation may occur due to swelling and you may be advised by your clinic nurse to remove the piercing until swelling subsides.

Can I have my nipples pierced following a breast augmentation?

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 16.43.12 You are able to have your nipples pierced but only once you are fully healed and have had a final consultation with your surgeon. Nipple piercings bring the extra risk of infection so if you desire having your nipples pierced, ensure you attend a reputable company in a sterile environment.

Can I have my nose/septum pierced following a rhinoplasty?

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 16.45.34 Nasal piercings can only be carried out once your nose is fully healed. It is important to consult your surgeon so they can examine you and asses the healing progress. Waiting 3-6 months following your procedure is generally advised before having your nose pierced. Many surgeons would advise against septum piercings as piercing the area of soft cartilage in your nose can lead to chronic infections, loss of nasal support or an open hole in the septum that could causes functional problems.

Can I have my ears pierced following an otoplasty?

Waiting until your wounds are fully healed is important as the risk of infection is higher while healing. We would recommend consulting with your surgeon around the 6-8 weeks post-op mark and get his final approval before having your ears pierced. Although time frames may vary with piercings, it is important to be assessed by your surgeon prior to going ahead with a piercing within 6 weeks of being post-op.