We all know that feeling of dread, when it’s less than 6 weeks to your holidays and you have just ordered a stuffed crust Dominos with two sides for yourself. You’re sat there thinking everyone is going to see me in a bikini and I’m nowhere near in the best shape of my life that I promised myself I would be in when I booked this god damn holiday. You want to be able to rock the 15 new bikinis you've purchased and not have to buy baggy cover-ups. So you make sure your gym gear and trainers are out, you text your gym buddy and book yourself in for the early spinning class as Operation Holiday Bod is now in progress (after you’ve eaten your pizza obvs).

Well what if you couldn’t make that change so easily? What if you couldn't hide the thing you were unhappy about? What if it wouldn’t change if you put down the carbs and went for a run? What if the thing you were unhappy about was on your face and a permanent feature in your life - the first thing someone sees when they meet you? What if you didn’t like your nose?

Welcome to my world! I basically refer to my nose as my beak because it somewhat resembles that of a toucan - the hook-like nature it has.

My names Amy, I am a 20-something-year-old; a pretty outgoing and confident Geordie lass (and no, not the type of 'outgoing' you've witnessed on Geordie Shore) but the social type. Plenty of friends, a good job, great family but I have the side profile of a caricature.

I can’t seem to remember my nose always looking like this. A few years back I discovered other food groups that weren’t just beige in colour or covered in sugar and that I liked to run. Shedding a few pounds was great but this resulted in me having a more prominent nose. Strange I know, but apparently your nose does change when you lose or gain weight. All of this resulted in the hatred of my side profile. It's common knowledge that I am unhappy with my side profile, as it’s often discussed as a family. We don’t 100% know where it has come from or who is to blame in the family but my mam seems to think it’s similar to my great Grandma. She passed when I was really little so I am sure she won’t be offended that I don't like it. I even have a twin (he’s a boy) and his nose is nothing like mine. My friends know of my insecurities when it comes to my nose too. As much as I enjoy a selfie (front facing only) and I don’t mind my picture being taken, if anyone tries to take a picture of me from the side...it’s safe to say you will lose your camera and possibly a limb.

I am fast approaching the later stages of my 20’s, dare I say almost 30 (although I hate to admit it), and I just think, "I can’t suffer my remaining 20’s with a nose I hate and full well have the option to change with a common rhinoplasty procedure". Friends and family aren’t convinced I need it because I give off a confident bravado. But that’s on the outside and I just think you should do what makes you happy on the inside, as long as it’s for you. Plus, I spend a fortune on large sunglasses as it makes my nose look smaller when I have them on – I live in the north east of England, there isn’t a lot of call for sunnies up here so think of the money I'll save!

It’s my friend’s wedding in October 2018 and the thought of all those wedding pictures that they try and take when you’re not aware scares the hell out of me. So it’s exciting to think I will have a profile I can be proud of in time to be her braidsmaid.

But what happens now?

Well I already met my surgeon; he’s an Italian dream of a gentleman! So friendly and informative; he really understood what I was saying (both my weird descriptions and strong Geordie accent can often prove a language barrier in life). I'd imagine in his former life he was the guy that made those unbelievable Italian sculptures that you see in museums - with their abs, chiseled cheek bones and perfect noses. Anyway, he has agreed to perform and open septo rhinoplasty on me.

“The surgeon makes a small incision in the columella between the nostrils and then makes additional incisions inside the nose.”

The less I know about what he is doing when I’m asleep the better. All the reassurance I need is that he can achieve the sort of result I am after and I know my aftercare with MYA will be spot on (lots of my friends have had procedures with MYA). Like anything when it comes to your face you think, OMG what if I hate it? I've actually done enough research over the years to know I probably will hate it at first and that is normal. I’m going to be swollen for a while, potentially have bruising and everyone heals at different rates so I just need to be patient. (It can take up to a year to full settle into its final result).

So why am I telling you all of this? Well, because I want you to come on this exciting, scary and slightly strange journey with me. Follow me on Instagram to see me pre- op to op day to the cast days, my big reveal and MYA’s post-op care. Track my recovery every step of the way because I want your support and advice!

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