Hi guys! I'm Sherry (Sherrifa) and I'm 26 and I had a breast enlargement with MYA.

Why did you want a breast enlargement?

I decided to have a breast augmentation because it was something I always wanted to do (I know that sounds cliche!). Being a teenager, I was tall, skinny, lanky, flat-chested, no hips, no bum, absolutely no curves. From behind, I thought I looked like a boy. It was the one thing I thought I could do to help me feel more feminine - and I was right. I just thought I didn't want to be flat chested anymore. For years, I made jokes about them and I had jokes made about them. I spoke about wanting it to my friends and of course, as you do, you get talked out of it. Then eventually in July 2017 I just thought: I'm not telling anyone (but my mum) as there's no point because all they say is, "oh you don't need to do it". My mum understood that it meant a lot to me and so that was it. By the September I had them done!

What does this campaign mean to you?

MYA didn't have so much representation before so I think this whole re-branding is really important. This is a big move and I am so proud to be part of it. It's changing so many perceptions and it's inviting everyone into this beautiful party!

What advice would you give to someone looking to have cosmetic surgery?

1 - Do your research!
2 - Do it in the UK! (be safe)
3 - Be excited!

How did you feel about cosmetic surgery before you had it?

I felt cosmetic surgery was for a certain type of girl. Size 8 and blonde. It had to be this sort of Pamela Anderson or Jordan kind of look. I never really thought I would fit into cosmetic surgery because of that. I didn't necessarily have a negative image of it but I just felt I didn't fit into it at all. I don't think I was educated enough on what cosmetic surgery was. Until I did my own research by digging and digging...then I found out there were real people and real stories.

Do you think it's important for the media to hear your story?

I remember reading so many horror stories when researching and this is mainly because the media only talks about the unrealistic celebrity images or the bad stories of people usually going abroad. I don't really fall into either of those. But to have a normal girl like me tell talk about her experience...that's huge. This is something that's important to talk about. There are so many other stories like mine or even those a bit deeper than mine - and they need to be told.

I feel like there is this false image where in order to get cosmetic surgery, you need to change everything - even your toes! You need the full package and you can't just be the girl next door and get natural sized breast implants. You just can't do it. I feel like this is why we're important. I can show you that 9/10 I don't wear make up and I'm something like a tom-boy but then I've still got nice perky boobies and that's fine - I can be both!

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