Hi my name is Rumneet and this week I am having Rhinoplasty surgery with Dr Giannitrapani.

On Thursday 24th October at the London Fitzroy Hospital, MYA are following me through my Rhinoplasty procedure from admission, theater, to recovery. They will be filming BTS for the full day and sharing it to their Instagram and Facebook stories - so make sure you set a reminder to check it out!

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Why I want to have rhinoplasty surgery

I have always HAAATED my nose and been so self-conscious of the way it looked since I was a kid.  I think it looks like a huge Dorito on my face. When I meet people for the first time, I always worry that they are staring at my nose. Even when I get into a car with someone, I feel that that's all they are focusing on.

I literally spend my life contouring my nose and won’t even take a picture without a filter because I hate it that much.

I have been thinking about having rhinoplasty surgery for as long as I can remember. When I was younger I used to joke that I’d make my Mum and Dad pay for it because it’s their fault I inherited a fugly nose! All jokes aside, I just always knew I was going to get it done because it's something that I have been so uncomfortable with for a very long time.

Why I waited till now

I have waited such a long time to get my nose done,  I knew that I had to wait until I was in the right financial position and I was in the right head space, both mentally and emotionally before I could have the surgery. I was a little bit scared of having the procedure done for a while, but working as Front of House at MYA has helped me to gather a better understanding of the industry and on a daily basis I get to see some amazing patient journeys, so when I finally felt comfortable enough to go ahead, I booked my rhinoplasty with Dr Giannitrapani!

How I decided what surgeon to choose

The reason I chose Dr Giannitrapani is because I have never ever seen a bad result from him. I have always been amazed by his rhinoplasty results. Working with Dr Giannitrapani at MYA,  helped to me make my decision, because I instantly felt comfortable with him and I trust him as my surgeon. I have met lots of his pre and post op patients that attend the clinic and he's shown me lots of patient before and after photos.  Also the fact that I can also have a laugh and joke with him - made my decision that bit easier!

My friends and family

Most of my friends and family said that I am mad for having rhinoplasty and that I don’t need it, but they have still been supportive. Initially,  I don’t think my Mum was impressed when I first told her that I'd booked to have surgery but deep down she knew that she had to get on board with my decision and be there for me.

Surgery day is looming!

My surgery date is getting closer and closer and I am starting to feel excited but at the same time I am c****ing myself.  It's all of a sudden become very real. I'm not the biggest fan of hospitals and the thought of being in a hospital setting is starting to freak me out a bit. But, I know I'll be in very safe hands and the nurses are super caring and helpful, so I know i'll be fine.

How I plan to prepare for my surgery

After my surgery I'm heading back home to my family home to recover and heal. I've given my Mum a list of items to purchase, so they will be waiting for me on my return. I'm not going to lie, on the day of surgery I will probably be a nervous wreck, so I don't know how I'm going to mentally prepare myself. I'll either be cracking jokes all day to try and distract myself or as quiet as a mouse. We will have to see!


Rumneet's Surgery Postponed

Unfortunately the decision has been made to postpone @mya_rhino_xo (Rumneet's) procedure this morning due to an abnormally high heart rate. Please see statement from Dr Vaganov her Anaesthetist. Patient safety is always our priority and this can happen in very rare cases & we always want to be honest with our followers.

 We look forward to catching up and with Rum and wish her all the best!


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