We are all aware that Christmas can be a time to over-indulge and often our liver sees the full force of Christmas parties, mulled wine and bucks fizz. But do you know how alcohol can affect your results post-procedure? Read more to find out what we advise when it comes to alcohol consumption pre and post-surgery.

Pre Surgery

It is advisable not to consume alcohol for a minimum 48 hours before your surgery. If you drink more than 2-3 drinks daily, you need to abstain for two weeks to reduce the risk of complications. Alcohol can thin your blood, which can cause increased risk of bleeding during surgery and delayed wound healing post-surgery.


Post Surgery

A drink to celebrate your new-found confidence after cosmetic surgery might seem like a good idea, but it’s best to avoid alcohol entirely for at least two weeks after you have a procedure.

The length of time you need to wait before having a tipple depends on the surgery you have, your surgeon’s recommendations and your medical history. Give yourself at least a fortnight as this is the safest period of time; it gives your body the best chance to recover properly.

There are three main reasons to avoid a glass of wine or a cheeky cocktail after post procedure:

  1. Alcohol can slow the healing process down, as it thins your blood. This means that bleeding (if it happens) can be prolonged by drinking, and it can influence your autoimmune system, which may struggle to fight infection.
  2. Your medication can be affected by drinking. After surgery, you may be supplied with painkillers or in some cases antibiotics. However, mixing these with alcohol can lead to nausea, headaches, drowsiness, fainting and vomiting.
  3. Alcohol increases the chance of swelling. It widens your blood vessels, making it a lot more likely that swelling will be more obvious, and can take longer to recover. It’s particularly noticeable if you’re having a procedure like rhinoplasty, as the nose is filled with blood vessels.


If you have any questions regarding alcohol, please don’t hesitate to ask your nurse or your surgeon during your consultation. Please remember to drink responsibility over the festive period.