Breast Implant Removal & Reaugmentation Before and After

Before and after – Breast Implant Removal & Reaugmentation

Move the slider back and forth to see the transformation with these breast re-augmentation before and after pictures.

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At MYA, we’re dedicated to making your journey as clear and comfortable before and after breast implant removal and re-augmentation. The outcome of each procedure is different for every individual and is based on their body shape and expectation. To see for yourself, scroll through the before and after pictures of some of our patients’ results.

Many factors can lead women to opt for the removal of breast implants followed by re-augmentation. These include the desire to change the size of their implants or to improve their breasts’ appearance due to changes after childbirth, weight loss or age. Another factor is capsulation which can cause the hardening of scar tissue around the existing implant. This affects less than 1% of women who have had a breast enlargement.

Although you are aware of what to expect due to your first enlargement, it will help to look at MYA’s breast implant removal and re-augmentation before and after photos so you can see what a difference the transformation can make. These are just a few of our patients’ photos and we will be happy to show you some more before and after pictures during your initial consultation.

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