Breast Uplift (Breast Lift)

Before and after – Breast Uplift

Breast Uplift 1 - 1
Breast Uplift 1 - 2

3 - before

3 - after

4 - before
4 - after

5 - before
5 - after

7 - before
7 - after


MYA419961-Pre MYA419961-Post


MYA397072=Pre MYA397072-Post


MYA396819-Pre MYA396819-Post

MYA385868-Pre MYA385868-Post

6 - before
6 - after

View the amazing results our surgeons can achieve from a selection of MYA’s Breast Uplift before and after pictures. Also known as a Breast Lift or Boob Lift, this fabulous transformation can boost body confidence for women who desire a more youthful and pert appearance. The 2 hour procedure is ideal for those whose breasts have dropped or lost shape due to childbirth, weight loss or the effects of ageing.

Before and after boob lift procedures you will have dedicated support from the MYA clinic nurse and the rest of our team to ensure you are fully satisfied throughout your journey. As you look through the before and after photos you will see that each result is different, this is because we take each patient’s personal goals and expectations into consideration so that their transformation is best suited to their body shape and their needs.

As well as helping to restore self-confidence with a more lifted appearance, some women choose to undergo their boob uplift at the same time as a breast enlargement (implant required) for fuller breasts or combined with a reduction to help achieve the shape they desire. Click through our below before and after breast uplift photos performed by our experienced surgeons to see our patient’s results.

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