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Rhinoplasty, also known as a ‘nose job’ or nose reshaping, is a life-changing procedure offering a complete confidence overhaul for patients. Rhinoplasty is a detailed process that may involve refining the bridge of the nose, the tip or the overall profile.

MYA Clinic in Birmingham

The MYA Birmingham clinic is one of our largest, and is home to a variety of consulting rooms and specially adapted treatment rooms. We are very lucky to have extremely highly qualified surgeons conducting nose jobs in our Birmingham clinic.

Understanding Rhinoplasty Surgery

Depending on what is required, there are two different types of rhinoplasty surgery:

  • Closed Rhinoplasty – surgery that involves reshaping the nose without the need to disturb any of the nose skin, with the incisions made inside the nose.
  • Open Rhinoplasty – surgery that involves an incision being made in between the nostrils on the columella; the small column of skin that separates the two nostrils

The procedure will always be carried out under general anaesthetic, taking around 2 hours to complete. When you wake from the surgery you will have a split across your nose, and your nostrils will be packed (the packing will be removed before you are discharged). See our before and after photos here.

We advise time off work of around 7-10 days after the procedure. Our clinic nurse will remove the splint at around day 10; this will always depend on your individual situation and will be dependent on the advice of the surgeon.

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