Breast Reduction on Finance

Also known as mammoplasty, breast reduction reduces the weight and volume of the breasts making it easier to take part in exercise and may help to ease the strain of related back and neck aches.

In around 2-4 hours, the procedure is performed under general anaesthetic by one of our highly skilled, specialist surgeons who will remove fat, glandular tissue and skin whilst re-shaping the breasts and repositioning the nipples.


MYA understands delaying your breast reduction journey due to your personal circumstances can be difficult, so our finance plans are designed to be as simple and stress-free as possible. We have a range of terms and monthly repayment plans on offer to suit you, based on your individual needs and the costs of your procedure.

The finance application process can also be discussed with your patient coordinator during your free consultation. They will be ready to talk you through the payment options and give you guidance on those most suited to your needs.


  • Must be 18 years and over
  • Must be a UK resident and able to provide 3 years address history
  • Must work a minimum of 16 hours per week
  • Must be able to provide 3 years employment history
  • Must have a valid email address
  • Must have no CCJs, defaults or bankruptcies over the past 3 years

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