Breast Reduction Surgery Cost

What is a Breast Reduction?

A breast reduction procedure is an operation to reduce the weight and volume of the breasts, by removing excess fat, skin and breast tissue and repositioning the nipple to create smaller, uplifted breasts.

Breast reduction surgery can prove very beneficial to women of all ages; improving their confidence and quality of life of patients who have been troubled with back and shoulder pain and have found exercising challenging and uncomfortable due to their large breasts.


How much is a Breast Reduction in the UK?

The cost of a breast reduction procedure in the UK varies amongst cosmetic surgery providers. MYA’s expert surgeons are breast specialists, and each procedure is individually tailored to the patient’s physical requirements and desired outcome.

With MYA, all our consultations are FREE of charge and there are no hidden costs along the way. Our patient focused services and aftercare are included in our prices. The price for breast enlargement surgery with MYA starts from£7,995.

We understand that the cost of a breast reduction plays a big part when considering cosmetic surgery. To help you with your research, we want to be transparent and give patients an initial guide price. Following your surgeon consultation and physical assessment, MYA will confirm a fixed price for the procedure and discuss the cost breakdown with you. 


What's included in the price of a Breast Reduction?

MYA’s prices are reflected in our high standards of service. We offer an excellent patient care package, from your initial eConsult to our comprehensive aftercare policy, we ensure our dedicated team of MYA experts are on hand to guide you through each step of your journey.  

MYA’s patient care package includes:  

  • Your FREE initial eConsult with a specialist MYA advisor to learn more about the procedure you are considering and a chance to look at our exclusive before and after photos.  
  • Exclusive patient portal access to view appointments and your patient documentation.  
  • MYA contact team are available to answer any questions or queries throughout your MYA journey via email, phone, and our online chat service.   
  • Unlimited FREE appointments with our specialist cosmetic surgeons. This an opportunity to discuss the surgery in detail and ask any questions you may have regarding recovery, scarring and aftercare.   
  • Pre-operative nurse appointments, including medical assessment and vitals checks to ensure you are suitably fit and healthy for surgery. A MYA nurse will run through your medical history and inform you of all pre and post-op actions to take.  
  • Your procedure will be carried out at one of the UK’s finest cosmetic surgery hospitals. A dedicated team of nurses will be on hand to deliver the highest quality of care and assess your needs.  
  • An extensive patient care package, including our 3 year aftercare policy, all post-operative assessments with your surgeon and MYA’s qualified nurses.  
  • A 24-hour emergency helpline manned by a network of nurses, for on-going support 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  

*Prices are not fixed and may vary; procedure costs are tailored to individual requirements. You will receive a price guide during your initial eConsult and a fixed price following your surgeon assessment.  


What Breast Reduction payment options are available with MYA?

There are lots of options available to help patients fund their MYA procedure. We suggest patients start saving for their deposit, carry out research and a soft credit check online to assess their financing options.

  • Breast Reduction finance
    MYA have an in-house finance team available to discuss payment solutions for those who are interested in learning more about finance. Our Funding Solutions Team look at everybody on an individual basis and assesses their personal circumstances to see if there is something we can do to help.   

    You can apply for finance at any point in your MYA journey, speak with our Funding solutions team directly to discuss the best option for you. You can call 03330141014 and follow the instructions or including your full name and contact details and photo ID. 

  • Pay in full
    Some patients are in a financial position to be able to pay upfront in full for their procedure. A deposit of £750 is required to reserve a surgery date. Payment in full will be required 5 days after attending a surgeon consultation upon booking.   

  • Self-funded

    Find your own method of funding your procedure, through family and friends, a bank loan or credit card. Patients can opt to combine payment options to find a method that works for them. The world of finance is your oyster so have a shop around and see what works best for you.   

    For more information on cosmetic surgery payment options,click here.  


Breast Reduction patient testimonials 

I was so happy during the first summer following my breast reduction, being able to swim, play and run after my kids without wanting to cry. I can now live by what I teach, to ‘love yourself’. @_amy_andthekidsxx


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