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  • Height


  • Weight

    8 st

  • Bra size

    32 a/b

  • Clinic location


  • Procedures


  • Surgeon

    Dr Kazzazi

  • Age


  • Name

    Amie Jade

  • About me

    I have had consultations with Nuffield and Harley medical in the past. I had my surgery booked with Nuffield for November 2015 but after speaking with a couple of friends (patients of Dr Frati) and seeing there results, then doing hours of research on MYA and Dr Frati- I changed my mind in August.
    I had booked the surgery for October 1st 2015, however 9 days before hand – 21st Sept -I had a seizure and found out I had an AVM on my brain.

    I had major brain surgery in May 2016 and rebooked my BA for 9th December 2016! I’ve waited 12 years for this 😀

    London Fitzroy

    Clare Hennicke

    Dr Frati

  • What Stage of the Cosmetic Surgery process are you at?

    Post Surgery

  • Are you a MYA patient?


  • I agree with the terms and conditions


  • My Stats

    5ft 6″
    About 8 stone
    27 y/O

    Pre op B

    350cc HP partials


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