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    Amy Parren

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    Hi I’m Amy, I live in St.Neots, Cambridgeshire and I’m 26. I had a little boy 19 months ago and after breastfeeding him in left with ‘ski slopes/empty balloons! Im having breast augmentation but I also considered an uplift. I’ve been told I’m borderline uplift and I struggled to make my decision. I’ve been to London Fitzroy where Hannah is my patient co-ordinator and I’ve met my surgeon who will be Dr Marcellino. I would like to go to a DD from an empty (unmeasured c/d) and I have booked my surgery for Sunday 22nd May. I’ve been offered High profile overs starting from 350cc up to 450cc. My right breast is smaller and higher than my right so I will have different size implants in each breast and he will do his best to make them even. I’ve decided to go against an uplift for now as I don’t want the scars at a young age and my main reason is I want another child in the future and to be able to have the chance to breastfeed. Feel free to add me, I would love to hear from anybody else who’s story is similar to mine 🙂

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    Booked Surgery

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  • My Stats

    350cc-450cc high profile overs
    I’m 5ft 9, weigh 10st 7, wear a varying 8-12 clothes. I’m a 34 back and would guess I’m a unmeasured, empty c.


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