Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    i have always liked the shape of my own boobs, they are naturally very round and high, but have always wanted a more fuller look, to fill out clothes and to feel more confidant when i have a bikini on and underwear.

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    i first made an appointment with transform cosmetics i went and meet a surgeon there, he was very hesitant to do my breast as he said i have the most perfect boobs he had ever seen, and he cant understand why i would want to tamper with them and (ruin) them as he said!, in the end he offerd me 200-340cc, i chose the larger one of 340, and then got a phone call the next day telling me he refuses to do the operation.
    so i started looking elsewhere and came across MYA, and i am so happy i booked an appointment.

  • How was your consultation?

    after a little trouble with the tablet on arrival, i finally meet my patient co-ordinater Lindsey, she was lovely and professional and was so friendly, the consultation was 110% better than Transform, i felt a lot more in the know when i left and i was very happy! i then meet Mr Traynor a few days later and he offerd me 300-400cc and i have chosen 375cc High profile on top of the muscle, i wanted my operation done as soon as possible because i would have lost my confidence if i waited to get it done because it would have made me so nervous! i booked to get my operation to go down a week after i meet with Mr Tryanor and got a last minute operation date, so i had to pay the full balance in full!

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    my admission time was 1pm i arrived at the hospital and got took to my room, the nurse gave me my gown socks and nickers to put on and relax until Mr traynor and the rest of the team to come around to see me. I am not going to lie i was bricking it to say the least i was so scared to get the needle it was unbelievable haha! the anesthetist came around first and explained his job and asked if i had any questions or allergy or anything he should know about, i explained how scared i am of needles because one of my veins burst before in my hand so i was so scared, and he offerd to give me the gas to put me to sleep then put the needle in when i was asleep! so i felt so much better by this time he was so lovely funny and calming anyway! then Mr Traynor came and drew on my chest and we had a little chat and i signed my consent forms and he said i will be going down in half an hour! at this point my heart started pounding! this was the fastest half an hour that ever went by…. and a lovely man came who was a resistant and i had a little emotional moment walking down to the room they put you in to put you to sleep before you go into the operating room! i had a little cry haha because i didn’t know what to expect! he explained that it was totally normal to feel like this and i was going to be fine and he was explaining what his job was and was asking me questions like where do i work ect to take my mind off things until the anesthetist came in to put me to sleep! he came in and was his funny usual self and put a mask on me and told him to give him 6 big breaths so as i was doing this i was squeezing the other mans hand! and before i know it i was asleep!

  • How was your recovery?

    i woke up from the op feeling fine and happy with everyone who was in the theater there telling me everything went perfect and seeing if i was feeling ok!! I woke up in no pain at all just a little discomfort i went back to my room as i was staying over night and had some toast and tea and some medication and i just watched the tv and then my mam and her friend came to visit about 6.30 for half an hour then left to go for food lol! the nurses constantly come in checking your heart rate and ect and i got a jacket potato with tuna and salad and more medication and a sleeping tablet about 9.30, but to be honest i kept waking up during the night i didnt have the best sleep! going to the toilet you have to get up so slow and sit for a few seconds before you stand up because i kept going dizzy! the paiun started about 2 days after it wasn’t like a pain tho I would say it’s more like a burning sensation and warm! But the sleeping on the back has been hard for me as I have been waking up around 3/4 in the morning and been wide awake all the rest of the night, but to be honest i have had no pain at all really the only thing was i had co-codamol and they codine in them were making me feel shitty but i stopped all the pain killers after 4 days and just kept taking my antibiotics

  • Are you happy with your results?

    Yeah so far I am I have not had a propper look just yet though


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