Patient Story

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    After years of research i find MYA is the ony company who actually care about the patients health and this can be seen through the website.

    Also they are not afraid to publicly display their CQC scoring which is a very important thing to look for

  • How was your consultation?

    At the moment i have only had a patient coordinator consultation with Katie at Fitzroy London. It went really well and she made me feel very comfortable.

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    Left for London fitzroy at 6am and arrived 6.45 am (admission time was 7am) got taken to my room almost immediately. Room was clean and airy with en suite bathroom. Got changed into my gown and sexy paper knickers lol. Was really calm with no nerves at all. The nurse came and took my blood pressure regular and everything was fine. Then the man who was going to put me too sleep came in (can’t remember what they are called lol) asked some questions and left. By this time it was already 8.45 and time had just flew. Thankfully I was first on the list.

    Marcellino then came and drew on me and said I will be take down within next hour. By 9.15 I was in the room being put to sleep. This was the only time I felt a bit anxious. Having a laugh with everyone and then don’t remember anything else. Woke up from anesthetic and was chatting away.

    Was taken back to my room at around 11. No pain at all just pressure and tightness. Had the best nap ever. Then woke up and had some toast and water. The drains were annoying at first as I just wanted to move freely. I wasn’t discharged until around 6pm as Mr Marcellino was busy and wanted to see me before being discharged.
    He eventually came in an took my middle strapping off. I got to see my boobies a little bit better for the first time. I havn’t stopped smiling since.
    He said I was all good and to go home.

    I cannot praise the staff at mya anymore. Alongside my friend who come with me who was literally a angel and didn’t let me lift a finger, the nurses were fantastic even when I did start to get frustrated and in need of fresh air.

    My experience at mya has been amazing so far and hope that the aftercare can also continue at this level.

    Anyone having Mr MARCELLINO is very lucky. He may seem very quiet and doesn’t really say much but that man sure knows what his doing. I had complete faith in him and left everything up to him. He decided to go with 375 cc hp overs.

    Good luck to anyone having surgery soon and good luck to everyone in recovery stage. If you have any questions just message me and ill do my best to answer.

    Oh drain removal wasn’t as bad as i thought just a deep tug. And nipples are still numb at the moment.

  • How was your recovery?


  • Are you happy with your results?



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