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  • Height

    5ft 3

  • Weight

    9 stone 8lbs

  • Bra size

    34a/b pre op 34FF post op

  • Clinic location


  • Procedures

    Breast enlargement

  • Surgeon

    Dr Mounir

  • Age


Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    After having my son four years ago I lost 6 stone. through exercise and healthy eating, leaving me with loose skin and smaller breasts. I went from a D cup to a B cup in a year which not only left me physically deflated but mentally deflated too!

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    MYA seemed approachable, realistic and down to earth. Some cosmetic surgery companies can be so impersonal and cold. Personally, I need to feel comfortable and like an individual as the procedure is so personal and touches on issues that need handling with consideration. After seeing a surgeon and nurses at Harley Medical I knew MYA was the best option. HM seemed so cold and put me in a really bad position, making me uncomfortable and feel out of my depth about the procedure.

  • How was your consultation?

    Although I had to wait for a while in the waiting room my first consultation with Kimberley was lovely and very relaxed. We talked about my reasons and desires for breast augmentation and choices available. The receptionist was fairly new but chatted away to me, explaining that both herself and Kim had their breasts done and they looked great! It’s nice to have a personal experience to talk about first hand!

    I first met Mr Kazzazi under a week after my initial consultation with Kim. He was quite hurried really and rude to me. He told me straight away that I needed an uplift and that he wouldn’t do my operation… this was VERY disheartening and he obviously made me effort to make me feel comfortable. A week later I met Mr Mounir and that was an entirely different story, he was down to earth and hilarious… not to mention he told me I DEFINITELY do not need an uplift… surprise surprise. He explained everything thoroughly and I felt happy with his choices. He ordered in 480cc, 535cc and 590 cc as I requested to be an E cup from a small B.

    PRE OP-
    I saw the nurse straight after seeing Mr Mounir for my pre op as I had booked a cancellation space and my op was in two weeks eek! I tried on a bra with the different sized implants in and felt 590 and 535 was too large and opted for the 480s! This trying on stage was so important for me to visualise what I wanted and how it would look! I suggest everyone does this before making a decision!

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    My operation was held at the First Trust hospital in Preston on the 6th August 2015 and oh my gosh, it’s like a little cottage in the woods! (Not so little on the inside!). I stayed over at the IBIS 5 mins round the corner the night before as my admission time was 8am and I live almost 3 hours away! The IBIS is simple and comfortable, not to mention cheap, so i’d suggest staying there.

    I arrived at 7.30 and was escorted to my room by a lovely chatty, bubbly nurse. She explained I was 2nd on the list and that Mr Mounir would be arriving soon, and that he usually gets going pretty fast! She gave me my (charming one size haha) hospital gown, socks and paper knickers (yes…) which I put on and sat nervously on the bed with my boyfriend next to me.

    It was a busy couple of hours seeing the anesthetist, nurses and Mr Mounir. They took blood pressure, a urine sample for pregnancy test (this is standard so I wasn’t offended in any way) and other minor medical checks and questions. I also took lots of PRE OP photos in the mirror.

    I saw Mr Mounir and he went through all of my information and chatted about why he chose what he chose! At approximately 10.30 I was fetched for surgery and had a needle put into my hand to make giving meds and anesthetic easier. I honestly only felt a scratch and bit of discomfort for a second, and I hate needles! If I can put up with it, anyone can! I laid down and before I knew it I was having a little chat about where i’m taking my son on holiday and zzzz anesthetic kicked in and I was out like a light.

    I woke up in my room with no real discomfort, only nice big boobies down my top! I chose 480cc ultra high profile overs, so I could see boobs straight away! I was completely made up and only had patches on my incisions so got my boyfriend to take PLENTY of photos. I was overwhelmed with how beautiful they looked so soon.

    The nurses gave me water and toast when I woke up a bit and kept a good eye on my progress! Mr Mounir visited me and was beaming, he was very happy with how the surgery went! After blood pressure checks etc I was able to leave the hospital at approx 3.30pm. I was a bit uncomfortable but mainly fine, with very little pain due to the cocodamol and anti biotics given to me by the nurses.

    We travelled down to Farington Lodge hotel, about 20 minutes, which was complete luxury! I felt like a real princess and was waited on hand and foot by the staff and my boyfriend. I’m glad we stayed near the hospital, just incase something went wrong in the night. I would definitely stay there again, loved it!

  • How was your recovery?

    Day one was absolutely fine, no real pain or discomfort. Day two was a lot more painful and my implants felt hard and uncomfortable! I kept on top of my pain meds, so it wasn’t too bad! By day three sitting up was difficult and everytime I tensed my chest muscles I would feel a huge sting of pain and aching. Writing this on the morning of day 4 I am still in quite considerable pain but nothing I can’t handle. It’s honestly worth it… and it won’t last forever!

  • Are you happy with your results?

    So far absolutely! Day four and the pain isn’t nice but the visual results are just great and I love my new boobies! Thank you Mr Mounir, you star!




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