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    Promoting a condominium apartment or condominium townhouse is not like promoting a house. The procedure is a lot more complex. No two condo complexes are alike. And the prospects for litigation are increased. So prior to you listing your rental for sale, or employ a real estate agent to help you in the course of action, make absolutely sure you reply these four important questions.1. Does your genuine estate agent have practical experience promoting condos? I have witnessed authentic estate brokers record freehold homes as condos simply because they did not recognize the variation involving condominium ownership and freehold common aspects possession. I have noticed brokers list condos for sale not figuring out that the apartment corporation is embroiled in expensive litigation with the builder. Just before you checklist your apartment apartment or townhouse for sale with a real estate agent, make certain that agent has practical experience selling condos in your city.2. Are any particular assessments or will increase in condominium service fees pending? Is your condo board of directors about to levy a specific assessment on your unit, or have they accomplished so currently? You need to disclose this to all likely prospective buyers. Is your condominium board about to boost your condominium fee? This you need to disclose to all potential prospective buyers as effectively. Want to know additional, sign up for at city gate location.3. Are there restrictions on occupancy that customers really should know about? Are animals authorized in your making or complicated? Can a prospective customer of your apartment or townhouse lease it to college students? Can that customer work a small business from the device? If you know of any restrictions on occupancy, you are effectively suggested to disclose these to all potential customers, by way of your real estate agent.four. What are you marketing, exactly? If you are providing a apartment townhouse, what are you providing, precisely? In the area wherever I live and function, townhouse complexes change extensively. In some, routine maintenance of the roof, windows and exterior doorways is the responsibility of the apartment company. In other complexes, the apartment corporation is liable for the roof only, and owners ought to maintain, repair and replace their windows and exterior doorways. In other complexes, device owners are responsible for their windows and doorways, other than for patio doors, which are the duty of the rental corporation. Make certain you explain to possible prospective buyers what they are obtaining… and what they are not.In small, if you are providing a condominium condominium or townhouse, know what you are undertaking, and employ the service of a qualified genuine estate who recognize condos to support you in the process.