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  • Height

    5ft 4

  • Weight

    9st 1

  • Bra size

    34DD but empty after weight loss & breast feeding

  • Clinic location


  • Procedures

    BA, uplift, vaser (thighs and love handles)

  • Surgeon


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Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    I used to be a 34 b but they changed to emtpy 34dd’s after weightloss & breastfeeding & looked awful in strapless tops and tankinis. I also had stubborn fat on love handles & thighs which wouldn’t shift with diet & exercise.

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    Mya was recommended by my daughter.  I reviewed a few companies/surgeons & choose Mya as the reviews were good & I liked that you can see pictures & peoples stories on the forum.  I could also see my surgeon for the consultations locally which was great as it meant I didnt have to travel far.

  • How was your consultation?

    my consultation was in Cardiff and my PC Sarah Hammer was AMAZING!  She was so friendly & helpful, nothing was too much trouble.  I initially had Mr Fratti in mind (I’d seen him with my daughter previously) but my PC also suggested Mr Marcellino.  I met Mr Marcellino & I really liked him.  He was honest, realistic, says it as it is (which is what I’m like) and very Italian.  I really clicked with him which is why I choose him, he had such a nice manner & made me feel at ease.  I saw him 3 times in total before the day of my op to ensure we had everything documented correctly and I found this very re-assuring.

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    I checked in at 1330, unpacked, then had to move rooms as the toilet wasn’t working properly.  I then changed into my gown and a few different people came in to check my information, take my blood pressure etc… My blood pressure was low which worried me but the anaethetist was fine with it.  Mr Marcellino came and drew on me, then shorly after I walked to surgery ( by then it was around 15:10).  I was then asked to lay on a bed (the room was next door to the theatre).  The anaethetist put the needle in my hand and connected the anaesthetic. This did hurt a bit as you can feel like cold liquid going up your arm.  I could then taste it in my throat and said “I can taste it”then I was out.

  • How was your recovery?

    I woke up in the recovery room & recall being given a anti sickness jab in my leg.  I then heard them talking about my garment.  The next thing I knew I was back in my room & being asked to shuffle onto my bed.  I then drifted in & out of sleep.  I was sore & felt nauseous.  I had ordered a chicken wrap earlier to eat when I came around which I tried but I could only eat half of it as it kept repeating on me.  I did try to get up to the toilet in the night with the nurse.  He lifted me up off the bed but I could only shuffle a few steps as I felt so weak & sick.  He took me back to the bed & gave me a bed pan (by that point I couldnt go).  I felt a bit sorry for myself at this point.  I was in for 2 nights and was so grateful as getting off the bed was so hard and I felt so sick all the time.  Travel home was also better than I expected. I’d also recommend a back support from Argos for the bed, to help you sleep upright, this made such a difference to me actually sleeping albeit on and off.  Im taking arnica tablets 3 times a day (not sure if its making a difference, will let you know) and the tablets they sent me home with.  I will say I still feel nauseous now and again and Im off my food, as I dont really fancy anything.  Im eating healthy home made chicken soup which is tasty & full of veg but can only eat small portions.  Im not sure if my stomach has shrunk or if its because the garment is so tight.  Ive also got a stiff neck from sleeping upright so am rubbing deep heat into it.  One side effect I have is half a numb tongue which is really weird.  Ive googled and it says this should go eventually and is a side effect of surgery.  On day 4 PO and my boobs are tingling on and off (like a sore boob pain) but its not painful and Im assuming its part of the healing process.

    The nurses at Fitzroy are all fantastic!  I cant say enough good things about them.  They were constantly checking on me to see if I was ok & if I needed anything. Such lovely people, you really are in great hands and I cant recommend them enough (and Im not easy to please).

  • Are you happy with your results?

    i wanted natural looking boobs.  Mr Marcellino suggested 150 & 175 and I was like “no no definately 150”.  I think looking at them now, I could have gone to 175 so please please trust your surgeon.  I do like the look of them so far though but Im still strapped up.  Im also VERY bruised from the vaser so can’t really see these results yet and Im not expecting to see much on both until 6 weeks (I’m trying to be realistic) but my boobs are full and its great :-).  Once Ive taken after pictures I’ll post them.


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