Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    From the age of 16 I noticed that my left breast wasn’t matching my right breast but I was still growing so I took it off my mind until I was 18. I turned 18 and come 19 years old, still no change. BA has been on my mind but never for definite. Friends and a sibling had it done so my mind was pretty much definite then. I saved the money and did it while I could when I was young and have a good job!

    I became very conscious with partners when being topless and would try and disguise the fact I was asymmetric with a fear of being laughed at and not accepted. A couple did, a couple didn’t. It only took 1 nasty comment for me to make up my mind and that triggered me to do it.

    I couldn’t have booked quick enough.

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    I did not go with MYA for my BA. I went with Mr Paul Banwell @ The McIndoe Centre (The Banwell Clinic).

  • How was your consultation?

    My first consultation was very detailed and he went through a lot. My second consultation was far more interesting as I had done my ‘rice bag’ homework and my size was set. I didn’t opt for a third consultation and went ahead and booked surgery. My consultant went through my breast width with me and the biggest size I could go to without any damage and rippling of the implant. Only makes sense to go to the biggest right?

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    I arrived at my clinic at 7am and went down for surgery at 9:30am. I was awake by 11am and the pain was very minimal. I had been excited all morning and barely nervous. I had a one night hospital stay with 24-hour care which was exceptional.

  • How was your recovery?

    My recovery was very quick. After 10 days I was feeling normal and more myself. I had two weeks off work which was very much needed. It’s only really the pulling and burning sensation which is irritating but that’s how you know it’s working!

  • Are you happy with your results?

    100%. Cannot fault anything. Couldn’t be happier. Exceeded my expectations.




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