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    11st 8lbs

  • Bra size

    34b now 34d

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    Dr Frati

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Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    Breastfed 2 children 14 years ago. Was ok initially but as got into late 20’s really began to dislike the empty boobs I’d been left with. Not wanting to go under the knife while children still young I’ve waited until now. 2 days post op and I’m more anixious than I was before surgery.

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    A recommendation from a close friend who had reduction & uplift.

  • How was your consultation?

    Consultation was as I had expected with Mr Frati. Brutally honest, said I neede uplift but as he measured said I was more borderline – already nervous about surgery he said if I went for teardrop & larger then I could just about get away without uplift. I trusted his judgement but he did say be realistic & I am. Most of the girls on here are early 20’s. If I can fill a bra then I’m happier than I was before!

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    Surgery in London. Lovely building but decor quite out of date. Stuck in the 90’s I’d say. Was extremely disappointed to be sharing a room! I was a day case but still for the cost was little impressed. Didn’t say at the hospital because I didn’t want to rock the boat or get upset so just closed curtains & headphones in. Surgery running late – admission 7.30, surgery 1pm! ¬†Found the whole walking into theatre weird & a tad unprofessional but once on the bed the rest was first class. After care was excellent too.

  • How was your recovery?

    Recovery so far (2 days post op) very sweaty & desperate for a shower! Had a couple of shallow baths. Using all painkillers. Surgical strap is tight. I can feel a bit of fluid I think? Is that normal when I move. Although I’m pottering around house I’m mainly in bed to rest. Just get up for tea & bathroom etc.

  • Are you happy with your results?

    Had a little look this morning when I changed bras – had Macon on since hospital just wanted to give it a wash – wearing an asda post op for the morning while the other in wash. I feel Macom is better. They look good – I’m fussy so never going to say any better. My right breast (nipple) is still pointing down where my left is totally straight forward. I’m hopeful they will equalise.


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