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    Dr Traynor

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Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    I wanted to get my BA done for more confidence and to enhance my figure. I was extremely self conscious, never happy with the way I looked and it was always something I had thought about from a young age.

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    I chose MYA because I had a few friends that had a great experience with this company and I also have a friend that had the same procedure done when MYA was transform. I have always seen great results from MYA and it made me feel very confident that I would be happy with my results.

  • How was your consultation?

    My first consultation was great, I was very nervous and I didn’t really know what to expect. I only told a few people about my first consultation because I didn’t really want to make it common knowledge in case nothing went forward. My first consultation was on the 02/01/21017 with Julie at the Newcastle clinic.

    I came with my nana and Julie made us both feel so comfortable. She answered every question that I asked, she made me feel very at ease because I was quite unsure if I was still too young to be getting it done. I was a bit nervous incase it would be very pushy to book it but it was not at all, it was very relaxed and Julie is a lovely lady.

    When I had my consultation with Dr Traynor, I was so nervous because I had read on the forum that some girls didn’t really like him. I honestly thought when I met him he was absolutely lovely, he made me feel very comfortable and he helped me some much with how straight to the point he was. He offered me 250, 275 and 300 and he said I would need high profile and he said I would have partials. I would defiantly recommend him.

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    So, the day of the procedure my admission time was 11am and I was travelling from Newcastle so left in plenty of time at 7am. I got there at around 10.30am, when I got there  got booked in by a girl on reception she was very polite. We got told to have a seat in reception and a nurse would come and greet us to my room. We only sat around 5 minutes although we were very early and she took us straight round.

    I was so nervous and I think she come sense that, she asked me in my own time to put my gown on and make myself comfortable. When I came back from getting changed, the nurse and a doctor came round and just did some paper work and the doctor checked my chest. I filled in a little bit of paper for what I would like to eat when I woke up.

    After about an hour, the anaesthetist came and met us. He was very nice, asked me a few questions and made sure I was ok. At about 2:30pm, Dr Traynor came in and drew on me checked I still wanted 300cc. He said he would be another 2 hours and then I would be taken down.

    At 4pm, the theatre nurse came round got me. This is where my nerves set in, I was extremely nervous about being put to sleep. We walked down to the room next to theatre where she put pads on my back, she put the cannula into my hand she made me feel very at ease. All I could think about was how on earth is this little bit on liquid going to knock me out and I’m not going to feel anything!!!! The anaesthetist came through and they wheeled me into theatre. He put the aesthetic into my hand and said I would start to feel a bit funny. He then asked me two questions and I could understand anything, I felt so drunk haha.

    So, at around 5:15pm I woke up and I remember being wheeled round to my room. The nurses were checking I was ok.. I was attempting to open my eyes to look at them but no matter how much I tried I just couldn’t haha. I just kept telling them how drunk I was. Once I was in my room and back into my bed, I was in and out of sleep. I had a drip and also water as I was very dehydrated. They also asked me to try and eat some biscuits but I was sooo tired I only ate two and it took me nearly an hour to eat them! I was so out of it, I rang my mam and I cannot remember anything I was saying to her hahaha! So after about an hour and half, the nurse came in and she asked me if I wanted to put my bra on. She asked me to stand up slowly and take my time, when they had been taken my blood pressure it was quite low so they didn’t know if I was going to faint and be sick. I was fine when I stood up, didn’t feel any pain I actually felt great. I put a button front shirt on as well, made me feel a bit better taking my hospital gown off. I then went to the toilet with the nurse, she waited outside while I did my business. I stood up to flush the chain and all of a sudden I went very sick and felt very light headed! I was sick 2 or 3 times, we went back to my room and I literally felt like I was overheating. We had to open my windows, I could bare anything touching my skin this was the worst I have felt during my whole recovery.

    They brought me my food and I actually ate everything. They came and took my blood pressure and temp a few more times after that and my temp was still quite high but low blood pressure. At around 9:30pm, it started to rise but I started to become restless and I just wanted to go to sleep so my auntie went and asked the nurse if I could go to our hotel. She came through, checked me over again and everything started to finally changed and go back to normal. She gave me my meds, just made sure I was ok and she told me that if at any point I was more than welcome to come back in the morning for them to check me.


  • How was your recovery?

    The day after surgery, I actually felt fine. Stiff, couldn’t really get out of bed and I couldn’t even flush the toilet hahah! I never felt any pain, I’m currently 1WPO and I still wouldn’t say I have had any pain. When I wake up on a morning I feel a bit uncomfortable and tight. I always take Paracetamol every 4 hours, they really help to release the tight feeling I have. I had my 1 week nurses check up yesterday and everything was fine although my scars on the outside corners are not healing properly so they have put some iodine on and put some more plasters on until my next appointment next week.

  • Are you happy with your results?

    I am very happy with my results, I still have a long way to go and I understand that they will drop and they are going to get slightly bigger one they start to settle and fill the pocket. Once they do become slightly bigger I do believe I will be even happier! I cant wait for them to settle properly.


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