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Patient Story

  • Why did you want the procedure?

    My favorite saying is “better regret about things you have done than about not doing them”! I dreamed about having slimmer legs and bigger breasts since I was a teen! I have not seriously consider surgery until this year for many reasons – mainly I was scared if something goes wrong, what my parents and friends would think, feeling that I cheated on my way to a better body by having a surgery and probably many other reasons which I do not even remember.

  • Why did you choose MYA?

    However this year I decided that I will do whatever I want to and started searching online for best places to have liposuction and breast enlargement done. Luckily for me I found MYA website very quickly and read many positive comments regarding service and surgeons from girls who had their procedures done with MYA. I booked in a consultation meeting with a patient coordinator in Chelmsford. A few days later I was sitting across Charlotte – my pc and the sweetest girl – playing with different gel implants and suddenly feeling so excited that I could not wait to have the operation done!

  • How was your consultation?

    Charlotte advised me to go for a consultation with Dr. my surgeon, who is a very talented surgeon. I read good things about him before, so I felt instantly comfortable with the idea of having him as my surgeon.
    At that moment I knew too little about different types of liposuction and I wanted to meet a few liposuction surgeons to make up my mind. Charlotte helped me to book appointments with Dr. Joffily for vaser liposuction and also with Dr. my surgeon for BA and traditional liposuction. I wished I could do these two procedures at once, but unfortunately it was not possible as the operation would take too much time.

    Consultation with Dr. my surgeon went very well. I told him what look I was after and then he took some measurements and said that I could have 330cc Natrelle gel implants to achieve full C or small D size – which I agreed to. Regarding having traditional liposuction on my legs, he said that the best result would be on my front and back side of the legs and I wanted to have my knees and inner thighs done. We agreed that I would meed another surgeon for vaser liposuction consultation.

    So my next step was to see Dr. Joffily, who specialises in vaser. He made a really great first impression on me even though he came straight from the plane from Brazil and must have been really tired! We chatted about life for a few minutes and I felt like I am talking to a friend! I almost forgot why I came there 🙂
    What I also liked about Dr. Joffily is that he was very honest regarding what results I could get. He also advised me to do some areas which would help me to look slimmer. We agreed that he would use vaser on my full stomach, my arms, inner thighs and knees. At that moment I had to go under general anesthetic for this procedure given multiple areas.

  • How was the day of your procedure?

    Before my vaser surgery on February 29th, I had to meet the MYA nurse for blood test, before pictures and other formalities. I must say, I was really impressed with professionalism of the nurses throughout the whole MYA experience! These ladies know what they do, they are very friendly, caring and understanding. I instantly felt at ease with them and in good hands. Larissa, my main nurse, took care of all the tests and made sure I know as much as I could before the surgery.
    Just a week later I arrived to Welbeck hospital in London. It turned out that I was the only patient on that day! I had 100% attention from the med personnel. I decided to stay over the night, mainly because it made me calmer 🙂 My admission time was at 11.30 am. I had to fill in some forms and was taken to my private en-suit room. I met the whole team who worked on me in the theater – anesthesiologist and nurses. Then Dr. Joffily came in and drew lines on my body. He was in a great mood and joking, which made me feel very relaxed! Half an hour later I was taken up to the theater, then had anesthetic in and fell asleep. 2.5 hours later I woke up in my room, dressed in the whole body supportive garment, kindly provided by MYA, nurses checking my blood pressure and an amazing bouquet of flowers from my man 🙂 I was the happiest girl in the world at that moment!
    When time came to change the garment, I saw how flat my stomach was. I actually felt tiny! Later I was told that 3.2 liters of fat was taken in total from all areas.

  • How was your recovery?

    I never had any surgeries before this one and underestimated recovery process. I was not in much pain, but being restricted in activities and feeling tired were the things I did not like. I had to wear garment 24/7 for the first 2 weeks and then only 12 hours a day.
    Questions I am often asked: does it hurt? – Yes, but pain is manageable. How many dress sizes I lost? – Hard to tell, but all my clothes fit me better now! Especially in arms and knees! Is it worth the money? – Yes, but do not look at vaser as a weight loss procedure. Vaser helps to shape up the body and helps you to achieve better results later in the stubborn areas, like knees or arms.
    I keep seeing improvements over time. Doctors say it can take up to a year to see final results. So if you decide to go for liposuction – stock up on patience 🙂

  • Are you happy with your results?

    My second procedure – breast enlargement – was 5 weeks after vaser, at the Highgate hospital in London. By that time I felt well enough to do under again. I must say, I was much more calmer and comfortable with the whole process. I had a really lovely chat with the anesthesiologist, who told me that modern drugs are very sophisticated compared to those years ago and that sleep and pain is much better controlled now. I was also worried about having strapping on my breast after procedure as I sometimes feel claustrophobic in tight clothes. My anesthesiologist however advised me at least try having strapping on. She said that material used for the tape is made by NASSA and it is soft and flexible. This was enough to convince me to try 🙂
    Dr. my surgeon came in around 9.00 am to draw on me. He checked my vaser-treated areas and said that it is a great work and it was right decision to go for vaser in my case. At 10 am I was walking to the theater and chatting to nurses. I felt great and very excited. Next I woke up in my room and saw my partner smiling next to me. First thing he sad – you have big boobs now as I can see! I was still under anesthetic and fell asleep for another half an hour. Then I woke up and started looking at my new additions. I did not feel any pain. Only tightness and difficulty putting weight on my arms. After a bit I got toast and tea, then 3 course lunch and some more tea 🙂 I could not believe how hungry I was!
    I was so happy and excited that I kept writing on the MYA forum and sharing my experience with girls. I received so much support and attention when I needed it the most! It is really great to be able to share what you are going through with others, especially as I did not tell many people about my procedures.

    Now looking back at the last couple of months, I feel very proud of myself for being strong and doing what I felt was the best for me. I do not regret any part of it and now feel even more motivated to work on my body in the gym and keep eating healthy to maintain what I have already got.
    I am especially thankful to Charlotte – who had to deal with me when I was upset or worried and had words to calm me down each single time; to Dr. Joffily and Dr. my surgeon for being honest about results I could get and their amazing talent and great attitude on the op days; to Larissa – my awesome nurse, who managed to take off strapping almost without me noticing (I was paranoid that my skin would get of together with strapping :D)! AND, my awesome partner, who was there every minute for me. This experience made me realize that it is not only me having a surgery, it is also my loved ones worrying about me and picking up all the load of daily life for quite a long time. My heroes!

    There were moments when I felt that things are not going 100% smoothly, but I told about that to Charlotte and she managed to take care of all my concerns. I would definitely recommend MYA – they have great surgeons, amazingly caring nurses and very active forum, where you can find me and lots of other girls who have been through surgeries and want to share their experience and help others on their way.


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