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  • Height

    5 ft 1

  • Weight

    103 pounds

  • Bra size

    32 b

  • Clinic location


  • Procedures

    Breast Enlargment

  • Surgeon

    Mr Frati

  • Age


  • Name


  • About me

    I am a MYA Fitzroy patient

    My surgeon is Mr Frati

    My first op was June 30th 2015 I had left 425 and right 400 hp partials went from 32b to 32e

    My revision Surgery is June 24th 2016 having the left 425 implant exchanged to 400 and a left nipple lift

  • What Stage of the Cosmetic Surgery process are you at?

    Over 1 year post surgery

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  • I agree with the terms and conditions


  • My Stats

    Size 6-8
    103 pounds
    Want to go from 32b to 32dd

    Now 32e


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